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This Year’s Best Picked Baby Cots

When it comes to shopping for a baby cot, parents should keep in mind their budget, choice, and their baby’s stage of development. A baby cot is worth buying because, unlike traditional cots, your baby sleeps in a baby cot or cot bed till the age of 3 or above due to its convertible big bed feature. You must be thinking, then which exactly is the perfect baby cot for your baby, right? The best baby cot for your baby is the one that has convertible features, it should convert itself with the development of your baby.

This way, you will be able to use this baby cot beyond toddlerhood and for many years straight. Further, this cot must have large rod-like walls and a big bedding area, so that your baby can sleep comfortably and can stand, sit & play when wakes up. Therefore, this blog has picked the best baby cot bed for your baby.

1- Great Little Wren Cot Bed                

Great little trading company little wren cot bed is considered as one of the best baby cot beds. This cot bed is made from a solid pine that has given a classical white paint finish. This cot bed is suitable for infants to 4 years old kids. This comes with three height settings of the mattress that allows you to change the base mattress as your baby gets older. Further, its stunning white-looking heightened rods make it easy for a toddler to learn to stand but also prevent your baby from jumping out. Similarly, it has fixed side panels that are easy to convert this cot into a bed when your baby reaches the age of three. Further, this cot bed comes with instructions for easy assembling of cot bed. The best part about this cot bed is timeless and can be stored and used for the baby’s future siblings. Luckily, you can also get more baby cot bed like this with Pottery Barn Kids KSA at huge discounted prices.

2- La Redoute Willox Adjustable Cot Bed

La redoute willox adjustable cot bed is the best premium cot bed. This cot has beautifully unique design that resembles a vintage-styled. This brilliant looking cot has four sides of bar that allows your baby to hold them, stand and sit. It is super sturdy to hold baby’s weight easily. This sturdy cot has 3 adjustable heights that you can change with time as your baby grows older. Later on, at the age of four, your can remove the bars to make this cot as a bench-styled bed. Similarly, this cot bed comes in various colors but the best among them is a beautiful shade of green. This is an ideal to cot to make the nursery modern and stylish.

3- Mack & Milo Amburgey Cot Bed

Mack & Milo Amburgey cot bed is a wallet-friendly option that comes along with the mattress. This is a simple-looking with solid pine cot bed that can be used from birth to three years straight. The best part about this cot is, that it comes with in-built drawers to keep your baby’s essentials in it. Further, along with the four sidebars, this cot bed is convenient to assemble by reading instructions. You will find it super easy to convert it from a cot to a toddler bed.


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