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How Will You Select Your Beautiful Bedroom Chandelier?

The ambiance of your home cannot be defined in a word. Only your eyes can decide how you feel when the setting of the room makes you feel better, and you prefer to stay in the room for as long as you possibly can.

So, how to choose the beautiful bedroom chandelier to make a difference in your bedroom? You can do it to a certain extent with the air quality, artwork, paint colors, and also proper lighting chosen from Sofary, which is a famous company for producing attractive chandelier lights and fixtures.

Here in this write-up, we will try to provide a few foods for thought to select one that will fit in your bedroom to create that atmosphere that you always wanted, but could not explain in words.

The position of the chandelier matters a lot

Your 50% of the job will be over if you can decide where exactly you are going to position your chandelier light. Let us look at the following positions:

  1. Wall fixtures

Consider elegant yet functional wall chandeliers if your ceiling height is low and do not want to clutter the room.

  1. Centered chandeliers

Place the girandole in the center of the room. It will not only direct your attention to the decorative piece in your room, but it can also light up the entire area.

  1. Twin chandeliers

Chandeliers are a subtle, but an effective way for demarcating areas in a room if you have a lot of space. To guarantee that the regions are adequately defined and that the entire room will receive equal illumination, place two fixtures at either end of your room.

  1. Bedside chandeliers

An ornate item that hangs above the table at your bedside can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can allow it to hang about 20” above the nightstand because it will be hanging just above this bedside table.

Next is the size

To determine the optimal chandelier size for bedrooms, simply measure the length and breadth of your room in feet, then add those figures and express in inches to determine the size.

The function of the lighting

If you like to ensure the light is as bright as possible, use an electric switch. In case you like to use a chandelier for your mood lighting instead, then this electric switch needs a dimming option.

Which style do you prefer?

Now you must decide whether you prefer a modern style or a classic style. The following are the choice you have.

  • Drum Chandeliers – Between modern and traditional
  • Caged Chandeliers – Modern
  • Crystal Chandeliers – Traditional
  • Pendant Chandeliers – Traditional style with modern elements.

Create a certain drama

This artwork hangs above the nightstand/bedside table, giving the space a dramatic, opulent feel. Hanging a chandelier over the bedside table instead of over the bed allows you to lessen the height of the chandelier.

Make a statement

Probably you have seen chandeliers hanging over your dining table or amid an entryway. Hang this chandelier in the center of the room, if you like to create a dramatic statement in the bedroom.

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