How to Keep Your Rugs Looking New?
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How to Keep Your Rugs Looking New?

Whether you have just brought in a new carpet or you already own one, you must take good care of it. Rugs are the need of every house; they bring elegance, beauty and attraction to the house and make it look fascinating and enchanting. In fact, rugs provide the finishing touch to the house and make it worth watching. There are several tips, which you should notice to keep your rugs looking new.

Tips to keep your rugs looking new:

Below are the tips and techniques, which you should practice to keep your rugs looking new:

  • Patting the dust off:

Unless it is a large rug, take your rug outside and pat the back of it or whack it against some solid material. This will pull out all the dust that is settled on the upper surface of the rug and prevent it from getting absorbed into its depths. Do not forget to wear a face mask while doing this!

  • Regular vacuuming:

Besides patting, you should regularly vacuum your rug. It should be done according to the foot-traffic the particular rug endures. If the traffic is high where your rug is placed, I would suggest you vacuum on a daily basis (yikes!) to prevent the dust from settling deep in the fibers, otherwise, you must do it twice a week or at least once a week. Another pro-tip for vacuuming is to sprinkle a little baking soda on the rug. You can also buy a rug/carpet freshener from the store but in my opinion baking soda works the same and is a lot cheaper.

  • Keeping the shoes away:

The dirt that shoes bring to your rug is its biggest enemy. No matter if you place a doormat at the entrance, the dirt and debris would still adhere to the shoes of the person coming from outside that would spoil your neat and clean rug. To prevent that, first of all, I would recommend you to not place a rug right in front of the entrance door. Secondly, you should make it a family habit to take the shoes off as soon as you step inside and encourage your visitors to do the same too. It’s not only the dust that will damage the rug but also the hard surfaces of the shoes. Walking around with socks or perhaps barefooted will greatly reduce the damage to your rugs.

  • Dealing with the Stains Straight Away:

If anything falls on your rug, for example, a drink, food, or animal urine you must deal with it right away. If it stays there uncleaned it will become difficult to remove it. The first step is to remove anything solid from the rug and then bloat the stain with the help of some paper towels or any cloth. Keep one thing in mind that you must not rub the stain in order to avoid spreading of stain or damaging of fiber.



Several factors contribute when it comes to keeping your rug looking new. The basic techniques are discussed above in order to help you stand your rug the test of time.

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