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Handmade rugs mystery revealed

When we are looking to install rugs that will have all the qualities that one needs for their home, we found handmade rugs the better option than others. why? let’s know what the mystery is behind it.

handmade rugs are truly works of art. Each rug is its own unique of a kind of masterpiece. The rugs made with wool and silk material are beautiful pieces that you can add to your home or can be passed on to generations as a family heirloom.

Some people insist handmade rugs are unsuitable for them due to having children or owning pets or others just question the price, but when you look at handmade rugs, consider the effort and work that went into making each of these pieces. Skilled weavers may have spent a year tying each knot. These handmade rugs can add beauty and grace to any bland surface.

Handmade rugs are durable

These handmade rugs are not made with glue or adhesive which makes them more durable and unlike machine-made rugs, these rugs do not decay. Each wool or silk strand in a hand-knotted rug is looped around an adjacent knot and secured with its own knot. After decades these pieces can still look as good as the day you brought them home.

Handmade rugs are easy to maintain

Handmade rugs contain no artificial material and can be completely cleaned and are all made with natural fibers such as silk or wool and in some rug’s combination of wool and silk.

Handmade rugs are not made of synthetic fibers because they are chemical-free and they are entirely organic and will not harm your family’s health. Machine-made rugs contain subtle toxins that can trigger allergies or can cause skin reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Some materials used are

  • Wool: Often the most commonly used material for handmade rugs and only the best quality, from certain breeds of sheep, is used. Persian and Afghan tribespeople select wool from their own flocks and use wool for the warp and weft as the pile, and this can often be recognized by the darker fringes.
  • Cotton: In towns and cities, while the pile is knotted in wool, cotton is invariably used for warp and weft as this produces a stronger, more even foundation and can also be spun thinner for a finer weave.
  • Silk: The finest handmade rugs are woven in silk, with its instantly recognizable sheen and texture. Silk can also be used for the foundation with a knotted pile of wool, sometimes with silk highlights.

There are many companies that exclusively carry handmade rugs because they provide the best value and lifespan to their customers. From wool-area handmade rugs to silk-area handmade rugs, the care and time that goes into creating each rug are evident in the quality and design detail of every piece. Handmade rugs can last for decades with the right care and will increase in value, making them a positive, long-term investment for your home.

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