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Do Online Writing Contests Announce Real Winners?

Have you ever participated in the writing contests online? Many people participate in these online writing contests hoping to win impressive cash prizes and other interesting prizes. Often the participants do not know what exactly happens with the contest outcome. After the submission of their work, they just keep waiting for the contest organizer to update them about the contest outcome. Unfortunately, participants do not get any further information from the other end.

If you are participating in any of the online contests regardless of whether it is paid writing contests or free writing contests, you need to make sure that you participate only in genuine contests. You can check whether a contest is a genuine contest or a fake contest by checking their past events. If you select a contest organized by experienced contest host then you will be able to track back to their past contests. Do they have winners of past contests? Where the winners given away the prizes announced? It is worth doing all these homework before you signup for your contest. Do not think all these as waste of time, if you skip this exercise, you would only be wasting time down the line. To avoid such issues, you better invest enough time right at the start.

There are a number of reputed platforms online featuring contests for all levels of writers. You need to pick a contest that best fits your level and preferences. You should check the terms and conditions too before you make a submission. There is no point regretting your efforts down the line. Are there any special clauses or conditions that indicate that the winner may not be announced in any specific condition? If yes, then you should know about such scenarios so that you know clearly what you are getting when you join a contest. Some of these contests may initially appear to be free contests. However, it is only up to the registration and once registered, the event host would ask you to pay a fee for you to submit the work. You would have registered thinking it is a free contest but only after you register when you try to submit your work at a later day you would be asked for a payment. When you check the customer reviews and ratings you will be able to find more about such issues and about such dubious contest platforms. You must look for the most dependable and reputed platforms. Only the first time you may need to go through a tedious screening process. Once you find a dependable platform, you can proceed to use the same contest platform for all your future needs as well.

If you are careless in picking your contest platform you are likely to have a very unpleasant experience and you will not be able to get any feedback after the submission of your work. Many impressive platforms are waiting for you, just invest a little extra time to spot your contests. 

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