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Bathroom Design Tips That Would Make Your Plumber Happy!

Plumbers spend most of their time fixing plumbing issues. They see hundreds of bathrooms every year. With all the experience and exposure to bathroom design, it would be of advantage if the plumber provides certain tips when it comes to bathroom design.

Bathroom renovations eastern suburbs could be easily done as there are many professionals whom you could reach out to online. The same is the case with bathroom renovations Melbourne. A plumber also could give valuable inputs regarding bathroom design so that the sink toilet bath looks well organised and suits your tastes.

Find out some of the tips and guidance you could follow while designing your bathroom.

Save Time by Starting Fresh

Remove all the bathroom fittings and sanitary ware. This would reduce the time taken to connect or fix the old fittings, sanitary ware or pipes. A bathroom that is well designed is not a quick job. It would take time to fit and check each little joint to make sure that the entire work is done correctly.

Think Well about the Layout

Make sure that everything fits comfortably with good space to move around in the bathroom. You do not want everything piled up in a small space squeezed tightly if you need a basin, toilet, bath and separate shower. If there is less space, you could either opt for a larger bath or for a larger shower instead of opting for both.

Buy Good Quality Fittings

Buying cheap products is not going to save money in the long run. A bathroom is an investment that would have a lot of value to the property. Good quality products could be easily available at reasonable prices. You could opt for well known and established brands as they would have spare for the future and would have a good backup service.

Plan the Storage Needs

You should make sure that you know what to store in the bathroom and plan for enough storage. Make use of glass shelves for extra storage and retain some place for decor accessories. Making use of glass is a great idea as the light shines through it which does not make the bathroom look cluttered.

Make Sure that there is proper Ventilation

You would need proper airflow throughout the bathroom. Any condensation that remains and fails to dry out quickly would eventually form into black mildew and accumulate in the bathroom. So, make sure that there is proper ventilation in the bathroom. You could add skylights to the roof which could provide natural light and ventilation in the bathroom.

Aim at Clear Communication

Good communication is essential between all parties that are involved to plan and coordinate the job properly, right from the beginning to the end. This should take place on time without facing any issues. The plumber could help you out. Hence, it would be a better idea to include him in the design along with the bathroom designer or you could seek help from the plumber to plan the bathroom.

It is always a good idea to include your plumber in the bathroom designing project. They have good technical expertise and can help out the interior designer create a better bathroom with proper functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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