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3 Awesome Ways To Spend Time in Missouri

If you have some vacation time coming up and you have never visited Missouri, then this is the perfect year to change that. As one of the most interesting states in the midwestern continental United States, Missouri is a place that has a lot to offer first-time visitors.

When you fly into the St. Louis Internation Airport, there are numerous car rental services Missouri that you can choose from. After you pick up your wheels, the next step is to start marking off your itinerary list. Check out these three awesome destinations if you need inspiration. 

  1. The Gateway Arch

For a breathtaking view of the city, take a few hours to make your way over to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. After riding a smell elevator up into the top of the giant arch, you can peer out windows to see unbeatable views of the cars and buildings below. Be sure to bring a camera to take pictures.

  1. Silver Dollar City

If you are someone who appreciates learning about history and some of the very first people to live on US soil, you will not want to miss Silver Dollar City. With Native American history that traces back as far as the 1500s, you can take your time walking around the area or enjoy high thrills on a roller coaster. A combination of learning and fun, visiting Silver Dollar City is a truly unique experience. 

  1. Missouri Botanical Garden

As another exciting attraction located in St. Louis, the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and most prestigious gardens in the US. With this in mind, you should definitely make it a priority on your list of activities to do while spending time in the Show-Me State.

While this list offers some fun ideas, know that these attractions are only a small sample of cool places to visit in Missouri.

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