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Why Working With a Car Accident Attorney is Your Only Hope

Working with a car accident attorney Washington is critical for anyone who has been injured in an automobile collision. The insurance companies are always ready to pay the victim with the lowest amount possible if they can get away with it. You need someone fighting for your rights while you focus on healing from your injuries. There are many reasons why this is important, but here are three of the most critical: time off work, financial impact, and financial stress.

Time off Work Means Less Pay

It’s a slow snowball of less pay. Empty pocketbooks don’t pay the bills. Creditors don’t take I.O.U.s anymore. The less you work, the more likely you are not to get paid. If you don’t have any accident insurance from your employer or short-term or long-term disability pay benefits, then you’re most likely looking at missing a massive chunk of your pay. Additionally, some employers may just let your position go if you can’t return to work fast enough.

Financial Impact Can Become an Avalanche

When you’re not getting paid, it’s challenging to keep up with household expenses, let alone the new medical bills coming in. If you don’t have medical insurance, which asset might those collectors want to seize from you first? Should you have to lose your life’s work simply because you can’t afford to pay the bills? Should you even be put into such a financial position when the accident wasn’t your fault?

Stress Snowballs into Chaos and Trauma

It can be challenging to stay mentally and emotionally strong during this time. Your family might be at a breaking point. You might end up losing your roof over your head if you’ve lost your job or if the medical bills are just too much. Your kids will have to move schools, and you might have to live with relatives who don’t have quite enough room in their home for you.

Working with a Lawyer Solves Many of These Things

Allowing a car accident lawyer in Seattle to help you with these things will make the insurance companies understand that you are not a typical victim. The insurance company will have no choice but to sit up and take note of your claim, the accuracy in the paperwork, and the additional evidence your lawyer was able to gather on your behalf. While it can take time to receive a settlement, you and your family deserve not to have your life upended because of a car wreck that wasn’t your fault.

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