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Why Do You Need Physical Therapy? Here Are 4 Reasons

Many people approach physical therapy with negative connotations; however, physical therapy has many benefits. Physical therapy can help people recover from injury through many different methods. It is also a great way to prevent future injuries and improve your performance in athletics like gymnastics. Physical therapists also make sure to work with patients individually to find the best treatment for their specific cases. If you are thinking about seeing a doctor of physical therapy in Greater Heights, here are some reasons why it may be the right choice for you.

  • It Helps Alleviate Pain

Physical therapy has been shown to help reduce pain and improve physical function in people suffering from many different types of injuries, including injury to the neck, back, shoulder, and knee. Physical therapists provide exercises and stretches which can help you get your life back. One study showed that patients given a home exercise program by their therapist increased their motion range about twice as much after their treatment sessions. Physical therapists typically work with people of all ages, including infants, to ensure you continue to live an active lifestyle no matter your age or physical condition.

  • Physical Therapy Can Prevent Future Injuries

Many times, athletes are seen by a doctor of physical therapy before they suffer from more serious injuries, affecting them for the rest of their lives. Physical therapists will typically ask questions about your current activity levels and give you exercises that best fit your particular situation. Many athletes are given an individualized program that will include flexibility exercises, strength training, running form drills, and more to help them perform at their optimal level while preventing injury to continue to play sports for as long as possible.

  • It Improves Physical Function

Physical therapists are known for improving physical function through various methods. A study done with patients whose dominant arms had suffered a stroke showed that most participants who went through standard physical therapy were able to perform tasks that require fine dexterity, like brushing their teeth or writing more fluently if they had not received any treatment. Those who only received standard care, on the other hand, were only able to perform basic tasks. Physical therapists help you regain your independence by showing you how to perform simple activities more easily and without pain.

  • Physical Therapy is Safer Than Invasive Treatments

Physical therapy is a much safer option than invasive treatments, including surgeries that require the implantation of foreign objects into your body. Physical therapy has no known risks unless you are allergic to the materials used for treatment. Physical therapy can also benefit those who suffer from chronic pain, as it often takes less time than surgery and other therapies. The reason for this is that physical therapists are trained in the safest methods to exercise, stretch, and manipulate your muscles to help you increase function while decreasing pain.

In summary, physical therapy can be a great treatment option for many people suffering from pain and other injuries. Physical therapists are trained to assess your condition and provide exercises to help you get back to doing the activities you love without causing more pain or injury.

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