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Where is the best place to relax in Greece?

It seems that Greece has everything: warm sea and beaches for every taste, ancient sights and interesting excursions to them, delicious food, and rich nightlife. Tourists want to see so many things that their eyes run wide, soul asks for the sea and adventures. This article recommends places where to stay in Greece for rest.

Places to relax in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a garden of paradise with a coast, and the total length of the beaches of which is more than 500 km! The beaches are covered with sand and the purest pebbles, the Aegean Sea splashes around, and almost the entire coast has been awarded the EU Blue Flags for cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

Halkidiki is one of the best places to relax in Greece. The travel guide Halkidiki Greece explains the resorts are quiet and not crowded, and they do not have a very developed tourist infrastructure, but around there are untouched natural landscapes, excellent beaches, and delicious food! Students go to Halkidiki to see the real Greece for the weekend, families with children, and those who love alternative recreation – independent travel.

Who is suitable for

Holidays in Halkidiki is suitable for absolutely all categories of tourists, everyone will find something new and interesting for themselves. But first of all, Halkidiki is chic coniferous forests, sandy beaches, secluded cozy bays, delicious Greek cuisine, and hospitality, as well as Greeks, so close in spirit to us.

Tours and hotels in Halkidiki

The most diverse base of hotels in Halkidiki are located on the Kassandra peninsula. In Sithonia, campsites, apartments, or stand-alone beach bars are mainly common. On the New Athos peninsula, the tourist zone is very tiny, extending to Ouranoupoli, then there is a closed territory of monasteries, which can only be entered by men, and for this, you need to issue a preliminary permit.

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