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When Should You Seek Pain Management? – Here Are 5 Telltale Signs

Most persons experience pain at some point in their life, rendering it difficult to determine whether the discomfort they are experiencing requires medical treatment. Pains and aches can be caused by various transient circumstances and usually subsides with time. However, this is not always the case. Numerous people who struggle with chronic pain are unaware that they may benefit from a pain management care plan because they have put up with it for a long time. How can you tell if your pain is severe enough to necessitate pain management? Ira Siegel, MD, a pain management physician in West Orange, advises you to keep an eye out for the following primary warning signs:

  1. Pain That Worsens With Certain Motions

If this sounds familiar, a consultation with Dr. Siegel might be just what you require. He identifies where the discomfort is coming from, utilizing techniques like selective nerve-root blocking and pain mapping. Once sufficient information regarding what is transpiring in your body is obtained, your specialist can create a personalized care plan to ease your pain.

  1. If You Find It Difficult To Carry Out Everyday Tasks

In most cases, the discomfort will naturally diminish with time. Therefore, if your pain does not subside, you need to see a pain management specialist. It is usual for trauma to restrict the typical motion range for a while. Nonetheless, long-term chronic discomfort that prohibits you from carrying out daily tasks without difficulty is not normal and should be assessed.

  1. Strange Sensations Or Radiating Pain

Dr. Siegel often advises patients that if the pain starts to spread throughout the leg or the whole body, it should be a cause of alarm that necessitates a pain management consultation. In addition to radiation, you may also experience numbness and tingling sensations. These strange sensations and radiating pain could indicate the location of a herniated disc or pinches the nerve. Thus, allowing your specialist to build a pain management treatment strategy to alleviate your agony.

  1. Reliance On Medication

Some people effectively control their pain with medication. Unfortunately, over-dependence on pain relievers is unhealthy. The side effects of these drugs can cause much more harm to your body and life quality. At the Pain Center of NJ, patients living with pain can access various pain management alternatives that pose reduced side effects than most drugs.

  1. Inability To Get A Decent Night’s Sleep

Although there are different levels of pain, every individual’s pain tolerance degree also varies. Nonetheless, any form of discomfort that keeps you from sleeping is considered serious, as a loss of sleep could have a devastating impact on your health.

Do you have trouble sleeping because of your pain? Do you constantly wake up in the middle of the night? Then it is time to schedule an appointment with a pain management expert.

You do not have to live with pain when there are simple solutions that could provide you with long-term relief. At Pain Center of NJ, Dr. Siegel and his staff employ cutting-edge, non-invasive techniques to address various musculoskeletal pain concerns. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online to determine the ideal pain management solution for you.

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