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What Types of Cases Fall Under Family Law?

Family law is an area of legal cases that involve domestic matters. Basically, it deals with issues that involve parents, spouses, and children. This area of law can encompass several types of cases, but the following are some of the most common.

Divorces and Separations

When couples decide it’s time to end a marriage, it’s handled by a family court. Each case can differ to some degree, but often, these cases deal with custody of the children, visitations, and the splitting of marital assets and alimony.

At times, a marital separation can fall under the category of annulment. This is the case when the marriage should not be considered valid due to certain circumstances, such as if one spouse is already married and lied to their new spouse about it or did not disclose the information at all.

Paternity, Custody, and Child Support

Whether or not the parents are married, family law will take care of anything related to the children. They can order paternity tests if needed. They’ll also address who gets custody, the visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent, and child support.

Protection Orders

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse – or your children have – it’s a matter of family law. They can help get you or your children protection orders to ensure your safety. They can also help you line up resources for recovery and getting back on your feet.

Termination of Rights

Sometimes, a parent should not have a legal right to see their children. These are extreme cases, such as if abuse is involved. In these cases, a family court will take care of the termination of that parent’s rights.


On the flip side, there are people who truly want to be parents, but can’t have kids on their own. They choose to become foster parents or adoptive parents, instead. When this is the case, a family court takes care of the process.

Other Children’s Matters

There are many reasons a child might need legal help other than the ones mentioned above. One of these is juvenile problems. When kids get into legal trouble, a family court will take care of it – especially in the beginning. If the trouble continues or worsens, it might move into a different type of court system.

Sometimes, when abuse or neglect is involved or there are other extenuating circumstances, a child can choose to be emancipated. This means they are no longer under the control of their parents. Family law is the area that handles these matters to determine if the request is valid. If so, they approve it or put other resources in line for the child.

These are just a few of the top examples of what is managed in family law. However, anything pertaining to a domestic situation falls into this category. It’s important that you have representation if you’re dealing with any family law matters. Doing so ensures that you achieve the best possible results in court.

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