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What To Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, and not just amongst Celebrities. Women and men alike are undergoing the knife to correct crow’s feet, unwanted fat pockets, drooping jowls, and many more. Sadly, the increased demand has been greeted with a notable increase in botched treatments due to inexperienced physicians. To ensure you enjoy the best effects of surgery, Fort Worth cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kiran Polavarapu emphasizes that you must carefully vet the provider you choose by taking into account their qualification and experience. Nonetheless, this is not the only consideration you should make. Patients are also encouraged to make the following considerations:

Have Reasonable Expectations

While cosmetic surgery could improve your looks and enhance your confidence, it will not help you find a nicer relationship, a better-paid job, or a more fulfilling life. However, if your objective is to tighten a saggy chin, raise post-nursing breasts, or fix a hooked nose, you will probably be happy with the outcomes, provided you first do your research.

Examine The Surgeon’s Credentials

An increasing number of internal medicine practitioners, cardiologists, and even OB/GYNs are now conducting cosmetic surgery treatments. If your chosen surgeon is not certified in plastic surgery or the operation you want to undertake, continue looking. To keep their accreditation, plastic surgeons must finish 50 hours of continuing education programs every year, as well as take frequent performance assessments and keep track of patient results.

Examine The Office Location

Besides assessing your specialist’s qualifications, ensure the treatments are conducted in an accredited institution, including a medical clinic or hospital. An office building, strip mall, or private residence is not well-equipped to deal with probable consequences. Thus, it would be best if you kept off such options. Remember, safety is paramount!

Look Into The Potential Risks

Even though it is an optional practice, plastic surgery, as with any other surgical procedure, still bears some potential risks. Whether you need local sedation, or general anesthesia (a blend of medications and gasses to knock you to sleep), each stage has its own set of hazards, which you will address with your physician ahead of time. Other possible complications include wound separation, infection, and failure to attain your intended outcome.

Be Patient With Recovery

After surgery, do not expect to enjoy the full effects of your procedure. Be patient while waiting for your outcomes. Bruising and swelling take time to subside, and the skin can take weeks or months to adjust to a new form. If required, you should also make arrangements for time away from family duties or work. Discuss with your surgeon what to expect after your cosmetic surgery.

Consider Noninvasive Options

Though non-surgical treatments are not without risk, you might wish to explore a temporary remedy before committing to a lasting fix. Nevertheless, temporary alternatives, such as fillers, can be more costly in the long run than a single trip to the surgical room.

When you are delighted with your looks, you feel more confident and happier with yourself. At Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, Kiran Polavarapu, MD, delivers a full scope of cosmetic surgery procedures. Depending on your unique concerns and needs, you can access procedures ranging from breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc. To explore your options and determine the correct procedure for you, call the office or book an appointment online.

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