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What to Consider before Buying a Glock

Are you thinking about buying a Glock? If so, you may hear some people try to dissuade you from this purchase. While there are alternatives, Glock is still an accurate, reliable, durable, and simple pistol that provides a “big bang for your buck.”

However, before diving in and purchasing Glock firearms Nashville TN, there are a few things to know. Being prepared for your purchase is a must when it comes to firearms.

Select a Size

Every Glock looks and functions the same way. However, you can purchase them in different calibers and sizes. To figure out what model or model is right for you, you must decide how you will use it.

If you purchase it for home defense purposes, you’ll find it easier to shoot a gun with a longer slide than a shorter gun. Also, a long distance from the front and rear sight will help you aim. If you never plan to use the Glock outside your home, choose a full-size gun.

For open carry, purchase a Glock you can hide easily. Choosing a compact or subcompact is recommended.

Choose the right Caliber

Each Glock option in the size range represents a variation in the caliber. The caliber refers to the size of the cartridge, including the bullet, that a Glock will store, chamber, and fire. You can find a bigger Glock that fires smaller bullets like with the G17 or a smaller Glock that fires larger bullets like the G36. You can also purchase large guns with large bullets, like the G20, and small guns with small bullets, like the G42.

Buying the Right Glock

Purchasing the right Glock depends on your needs and how it will be used. Be sure to consider the specifications above to find that that will work for you. It’s also recommended that you take a gun safety course prior to purchasing. 

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