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What Does Adult and Pediatric Care Involve?

When deciding on your family health care provider, quality is a priority. But you want to also consider the convenience of the services and the location too. A health practice that meets both your health needs and your family concerns is always a go-to place. Suppose you are looking for medical providers for adults and pediatrics Humble, TX, Calvary Urgent Care makes your most preferred choice. Read on to learn more about adults and pediatrics care.

What is adult and pediatrics care?

It involves primary care services for children and adults of all ages. More services for adults and pediatrics include physicals, urgent care, and preventative care. Calvary Urgent Care consists of a highly expert team of medical providers that offer treatments for acute illnesses, chronic diseases, and more.

What are the available adult and pediatrics services?

The team offers the following:

  • Travel vaccines
  • Disease and illness testing and treatment
  • Wound, burn, and fracture care
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Minor office procedures
  • An on-site pharmacy, diagnostic center, and lab
  • Drug testing
  • Sports immigration, and school physicals
  • Confidential STD testing
  • Workers’ compensation care

Calvary Urgent Care provides comprehensive care for any health concern with you or your child. Their services are available throughout the week, including Saturdays, and you are free to walk in for an appointment. They guarantee exceptional and expert care.

What to expect during an appointment?

The consultation happens right away with no delays. Even when you do not have a scheduled appointment, you will still receive the care you need without waiting.

Your provider begins by checking your vital signs, blood pressure, and pulse. They also ask about your medical history, any medications you are taking and examine your symptoms.

After a physical exam, your provider may order diagnostic tests, including allergy testing, asthma testing, X-rays, STD tests, among others.

Your provider also offers various vaccinations, such as travel vaccines.

When providing physicals, including school, immigration, or sports, they complete the paperwork as required by the appropriate official.

You may need a sports physical when joining a new team or participating in a new sport. Sports physical is essential to show you are safe to play the sport’s game in question.

Immigration exams are necessary when moving to the United States. It proves you have no infectious diseases or health issues that may put other people at risk.

Generally, physicals are a form of preventative care; they evaluate your health to check for any issues that may prevent your performance or eligibility.

The compassionate physicians also conduct minor in-office procedures, like burn care, stitches, and fracture treatment in a friendly and relaxing space. Where you have a complicated case, they may refer you to a specialist.

Which should you go with, urgent care or an emergency room?

Calvary Urgent Care is affordable and convenient. Unlike the emergency room, it can save you time and resources. Although urgent care can address most adult and pediatric concerns, it’s critical to seek emergency care or call 911 if it’s a life-threatening situation.

Suppose you haven’t found your adult and pediatric care provider yet; you might want to consider Calvary Urgent Care. They guarantee quality, convenience, and affordability. Reach out to them today for all your and your child’s health needs.

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