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Things You Should Discuss With Your Gynecologist

When you are experiencing reproductive and sexual health problems, and you don’t understand the cause, your gynecologist has heard it all and will help you. A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s reproductive issues, including menstruations, pregnancy, fertility issues, and others. Gynecology in Lake Mary is more advanced in providing medical screening and preventive care to all women. Gynecologists are more experienced and have so much to offer. Here are the things you should discuss with your gynecologist during your visit.

Painful Periods

Many women experience pain and cramping during menstrual periods, but the severity differs individually. Painful periods affect over half of women menstruating for a day during the cycle. This pain improves as you get older or after conceiving. But those who exercise regularly or have children early do not experience severe pain. Period pains are one of the most common menstrual disorders that can make you see a gynecologist to help you manage the pain.

Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor can be embarrassing because it’s an unpleasant smell from your vagina. It can be caused by sweating, poor hygiene, or poor vaginal deodorant. But it can also be from a serious condition, such as cancer, gonorrhea, or genital infections. Although talking about vaginal odor is uncomfortable, ensure you talk with your gynecologist and get the help you need.

Sexual discomfort

Sex is meant to be enjoyable, but when you experience pain during intercourse, you try to avoid it at any cost. Women experience pain during sex for reasons like emotional and psychological problems or gynecological conditions. Sometimes you have to try different sex positions and find one you are comfortable with or confide in your doctor to find a solution.

Vaginal dryness can also cause painful sex. Dryness can affect a woman if she has been on birth control for a long period, and she may need to do away with it. Also, if you don’t engage yourself in arousal before sex, you will have painful intercourse.

Low Libido

Low libido is more common, and many women don’t realize it. It’s important to consult your gynecologist to find the cause of this issue. Low libido occurs when you lose the desire for sex. It can be affected by some medications used for mood disorders or can be a sign of existing medical conditions.

For other women, low libido can sometimes be affected by things out of their control, like work or stress. Your gynecologist can prescribe some medications to address these issues. But the more you attempt having sex, the more your sex drive will increase.

Growths or Bumps down There

Many women feel like getting checked down there is embarrassing, and they end up missing their tests which comes with consequences. Many women are getting diagnosed with cervical cancer every day, and many end up dying due to their ignorance. You should never feel embarrassed telling your gynecologist about these growths; they can cost you your life. 

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