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Teenage Behavior Changes that Indicate Alcohol or Drug Usage

Many teenagers as well as their parents have trouble during their teen years. Teens must deal with a variety of psychological and physical developments as they straddle childhood and maturity. Sadly, many of the attitudes and behavior of your ordinary teen can reflect behavior that could indicate substance misuse or a mental health condition.

Most of the time, it comes down to context and subtlety. These are some noticeable behavioral changes and methods for differentiating between normal teenage behavior and indications of drug or alcohol abuse.

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Addiction Warning Signs in Teens:

·         Being secretive

Teenagers place a high value on privacy as part of demonstrating their independence. Youngsters who previously did not intend to keep anything from their parents suddenly develop a strong sense of self-protection and become very meticulous about what they disclose to them. However, there is a distinction between wanting privacy and being sly.

·         Moodiness

Everything has increased significantly in a teen’s environment, which frequently translates into heightened and unpredictable emotions. Yet, if a feeling lasts for a long time or if there is a noticeable trend, your youngster may be abusing alcohol or drugs.

·         Inappropriate behavior

Lying, theft, and prolonged disappearances are not only unethical behaviors but also major red flags. Most teenagers are astute enough to conceal the first indications of substance usage. By addressing your teen’s inappropriate behavior, you can determine whether it is usual behavior or a sign of a deeper issue.

·         Physical changes:

You must not ignore physical signs like considerable weight loss or growth, sloppiness, poor cleanliness, and unusual skin pallor. Your teen is probably unwell if they appear to be. It can indicate drug usage, but it can also point to a medical problem with the mind or another condition. These difficulties require special attention for your interactions to be fruitful.

Be sure your youngster is not dealing with drug addiction if they are acting out strangely and you are their parent.

Understanding the early indicators of adolescent substance usage will help you seek help quickly and begin your child’s recovery program.

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