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Style Tips for Golf

While golfers are not required to wear uniforms, there are expectations of what to wear and what not to wear while golfing. Some courses have stricter dress codes than others. Though there are guidelines about what to wear, you can still follow the rules and maintain your own style.

Continue reading for ideas on meeting golf course decorum with your own style and wearing your favorite golf brand.

Etiquette for Golf Attire

Years of traditions on the golf courses set the norms of what golfers wore. Gradually, more casual attire is becoming acceptable on the course. However, most courses seek to attain a balance between wearing only shirts with collars and distressed jeans.

Many golfers wear khakis as the basis of their outfits. Khakis are available as long pants and shorts, which makes them versatile attire for different temperatures. In addition to presenting a professional appearance, almost any shirt, sweater, or vest matches. Just a note on shorts, while most courses do permit shorts, they should be just above your kneecaps to be appropriate.

Complementing your khakis, most golfers wear polo shirts. Many courses will let you wear collared or non-collared golf shirts. The fabric of today’s shirts provides easier movement and breathability. The wicking on many golf shirts makes playing on hotter days more pleasant.

Hats and visors are considered an appropriate addition to your outfit. Select head wear that is breathable and assists in shading your eyes from the sun.

You do not want to select any clothing that contains offensive language.

Infusing your Style

Khakis and golf shirts can sound like a very pedestrian outfit. However, you can weave your own style into your golf attire by purchasing your favorite golf brands. When shopping, consider selecting clothing that you would normally purchase.

You can add your own flair with colors. One of the great benefits of a khaki style pants is how they blend with other colors. Maybe you have a favorite or lucky color; you can wear colors to complement seasons of the year, different holidays, or special golf tournaments.

In addition to adding panache to your outfit, most people play better when they are comfortable. Selecting the newest design patterns and colors can make you feel more relaxed on the course; you know your outfit shows who you are.

Blending Style and Function

Fabrics used to make your favorite golf brands can add to your game. Effective wicking can keep you comfortable when golfing on warm or hot days. Wicking will move sweat from your body to the outer layer of your clothing. Therefore, the fabric works to keep your skin dry. You will not have the clingy wet tee-shirt, which makes your golf outing more pleasant.

Many golf pants are also made with high performance fabric. The tighter weave of the material allows more fluid movements in your swing. Consistently choosing golf brands that you are comfortable wearing is a good strategy for your game. Knowing that the clothing you will wear will not restrict your flexibility and allow you to play in the heat will eliminate a variable in your game.


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