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Services You Can Get During an Urgent Medical Visit

Covington is a Newton County, Georgia city, located 26 miles east of Atlanta. It is a rapidly growing suburb of Atlanta and the county seat of Newton County. Its growth includes the development of medical clinics, which are crucial for those in need of urgent medical attention. A Covington urgent visit will be necessary when one is experiencing symptoms of specific illnesses or other medical conditions that are serious. These range from broken bones to allergic reactions, foreign bodies stuck in the throat, etc. Here are some of the services you can expect during a Covington urgent visit:

Emergency Care

In an urgent medical situation, you need to receive immediate care. The treatment given will depend on the seriousness of your condition. An emergency care clinic in Covington offers 24-hour service and may prioritize the evaluation based on the urgency of your problem. You must call for an ambulance when you need urgent medical attention. No matter the time of day, you can be sure to receive immediate medical care in an emergency room in Covington.

Physical Exams

Urgent visits also include a general physical examination which may be necessary when experiencing unusual symptoms such as bleeding, weakness, and weight loss which could point to certain illnesses. It is common for medical providers to try several diagnostic tests when diagnosing a patient’s condition. A general physical exam can be an essential step to ascertain the cause of your complaints.

Screenings and Tests

Urgent visits also include screening and tests that you should not avoid because they signify that you need medical attention. Blood pressure readings during an urgent care visit can indicate hypertension, heart problems, or other related illnesses. An urgent visit may include certain screenings such as blood glucose levels to check for diabetes, anemia tests to identify weakness, and urinalysis to check for urinary tract infections. Doctors may also do imaging tests like X-rays and ultrasound during an urgent care visit to diagnose medical conditions.

Treatment and Medication

During urgent visits, your doctor will diagnose and treat your illness or injury. Treatment can range from managing symptoms, prescribing medication, or referring you to a specialist. You will also receive instructions on managing your illness or injury and what steps you need to take for treatment. Treatment in an urgent visit can be for injuries such as fractures, wounds, cuts, and burns. You may need to take medication or undergo procedures for other medical conditions.


Surgery is often necessary for urgent medical visits and may be done immediately while waiting for further examination and assessment by your medical provider. The urgency of the surgery will depend on the condition and how it affects your life. Emergency surgeries like appendectomy or removal of a bowel obstruction can also be performed in urgent visit settings such as emergency rooms or ambulatory surgical clinics.

Urgent Care visits are necessary for those who need immediate medical attention. Covington urgent care clinics’ services range from general physical examination, screenings, tests, treatment, surgery to medication. You should not ignore these services because it could signify that you need to consult a doctor or seek urgent medical help immediately.

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