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Protecting Premise Liability at Your Work Location

As a business owner, you must protect employees and the public from injuries that might happen on your property, whether the business is open or closed, and whether it is accessible to the public or not. Each industry will have different requirements on what this might be required. There are several preventative measures you can put in place.

Put Up Appropriate Signs

Put up “No Trespassing” or “Beware of Dog” or “Danger” signs at entrances to roads, open fields, utility closets, and any other place you can consider warning someone. If someone does come onto your property after hours and gets hurt, you have potentially reduced your liability in being responsible for paying for their recovery.

Clear the Walkways

Always clear the walkways. Put safety measures and rules into place for all employees to keep the walkways always clear. Trim back bushes and hedges to keep them away from sidewalks. If there is snow and ice, keep the sidewalks shoveled and covered in ice melt as much as possible.

Keep Stairs Safer with Guardrails

All stairs should have guardrails. Make sure the railings are functional and do not have any missing or loose parts. Keep all stairs clear of clutter, debris, and anything else that might make them dangerous. You may need to obtain stand-by guards or other engineering controls around your property in some locations or scenarios. These must be specifically designed for the site and industry in which you work.

Consult with a Business Lawyer Orlando

Slowing down and being observant of your property can help you spot other potential issues that should be addressed. Working with business lawyer Orlando-based means that your lawyer can help you think of other things they see that could be legally prevented regularly. A qualified business lawyer will be able to help you draft policies and liability waivers that can be used at appropriate times to help protect your business.

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