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Pros and Cons of Living in Texas in 2022

Texas is a wild state that’s made a name for itself by being different.  Whether you’ve become entranced by the cowboy lifestyle, or you simply want that lower cost of living, there’s nothing quite like the Lone Star State.  

These are the top pros and cons of living in Texas in 2022 and why this state might be more than just the cowboy cliches it gets saddled with.

Pro: High Hiring Rates

Texas hires easily.  If you move here and need a job, you’ll have no trouble finding work that will give you the employment you need at the rates you need.  This is a huge relief for many who move here without a job or income lined up and who want to be able to get back on their feet quickly.  

This also means you can look for a job that you’ll enjoy or that you’ll at least be excited to do since you can be a little pickier.  

Con: Extremely Hot Weather

Texas gets hot!  A lot of Texas has been dealing with record-breaking heat for the last couple of years, which has led to rippling power outages in some areas, as well as issues with heating and cooling bills.  If you love heat, this is perfect, but if you can’t handle temperatures over 100 degrees for weeks on end: this isn’t going to be the state for you. 

Pro: Low Cost of Living 

Despite the wildly changing housing market over the last few years, housing in Texas is still extremely affordable compared to a lot of the country.  Apartments for rent in Fort Worth are far easier to score off of the average salary than in cities like Atlanta or Portland.  This makes it easier for anyone working off of a smaller income or who wants to be able to put aside more money for savings.

Con: Risk of Flooding and Drought

Texas has wild weather patterns and incredibly varied lands.  This means you could be at risk of flooding if you live in Houston, while within the same week, be at risk of the deadliest drought on the books in El Paso.  Regardless of where you live in this state, its weather events aren’t for the faint of heart.  If you think you can handle it, Texas is happy to have you.

Pro and Con: Divisive Political Atmosphere

If Texas is known for anything, it’s doing everything bigger and better.  The last ten years have seen an incredibly divisive political atmosphere rising, and it’s become difficult for a lot of people to sit quietly about it.  Regardless of what your politics are, Texas is a great state to be able to change minds and take action for what you believe in.  There’s no type of reform quite like the one that people can do when they work together.  

Living In Texas Isn’t For Everyone!

If you’re considering a big move and aren’t sure about where you’ll end up, these factors might help you decide!  Texas is a large and extremely varied state; there’s a place anyone would love to call home here.  

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