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Process of Claiming Insurance After a Bike Accident?

Denver is quite a vibrant city, so many residents enjoy taking motorcycle rides for pleasure and as a transportation option. However, many motorcyclists tend to suffer injuries when they’re sharing the road with motorists. They’re very few safety features in motorcycles, and a rider could get thrown from their bike when there’s impact. Due to this, it is vital to have a Denver motorcycle accident attorney explain insurance policies to you. It provides you with an idea of the coverage you have when there’s a crash.

Does a Car Accident Insurance Cover a Motorcycle Accident?

If you get injured in a bike accident and have insurance, confirm what the health insurance covers. Some health insurance coverages require you to pay some part of the deductible. Additionally, most do not cover lost wages and won’t make up for the salary you lost. Another thing you should note is if you can file a claim against someone’s insurance, or they can file against yours. Note that insurance policies differ, and some allow you to use your benefits to cover the cost of a motorcycle collision while others do not.

What are the Running Costs of a Motorcycle Accident?

When you have a motorcycle accident and contact a Denver motorcycle accident attorney, they will explain the amount of compensation you can get. However, not many people understand the expenses you could incur when you’re a victim in a motorcycle accident and what the compensation should cover. Below are the costs you will incur in a motorcycle accident.

  • The cost of initial treatment. That includes the ride to the hospital, emergency root attention, tests, hospitalization, and others.
  • Cost of follow-up visits.
  • Physical therapy and prescription medications
  • Your lost wages and the reduced earning capacity due to your motorcycle accident
  • The physical and emotional pain from the injuries
  • The reduced quality of life if you suffered a permanent or long-term disability.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents when you get on the road. Motorcyclists have a right to ride but must adhere to the rules and protection of traffic regulations. That’s why contacting a Denver motorcycle accident attorney is vital to help you get the proper compensation in an accident. Below are some reasons why motorcycle accidents take place.

  • Distracted driving: If a driver is inattentive due to a phone call or a passenger, it could cause an accident.
  • Impaired driving: If a driver is under the influence when on the road, it could lead to impaired behavior and cause risky behavior.
  • Speeding: This reason is quite common. When you’re speeding, you have little time to respond to traffic conditions or avoid other riders. Therefore, it could cause a motorcycle accident and also increase the impact force.

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