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Plan Your Party Like A Criminal Planning A Heist

You popped the question and she said yes! Congratulations- you’ve completed the difficult part. You managed to convince a woman of sound mind that you could her future is with you. Compared to what comes next, that was the easy part, now comes the hard part planning a bucks party at a gentlemen’s club Melbourne. This is your last chance to boss up and call the shots as you pull the biggest caper of your life. To pull off the caper of a lifetime you need to have a master plan.

You are a single man whose life is about to undergo some radical change in the next week or months. Regardless of what people may tell you, marriage is more than just putting a ring around someone’s finger and some ink on some piece of paper. Marriage changes you. So be prepared to become a new man.

The bucks party is a rite of passage. It’s a chance for your friends, community, and everyone else to finally say goodbye to the old you and prepare themselves to welcome a new you. Hopefully, this new you will be a better version of yourself.

No matter the form your bucks party takes, it should be a memorable event. This means it should be planned with as much care and precision as possible. Think of the process criminals go through to pull off heists.

Get your crew together

Get the men who will accompany you to your bucks party. If this would be a movie, think of Ocean’s Eleven. You might not be George Clooney and your best man might not be Brad Pitt but the guys who will be attending your party have to be close to you. They don’t all have to be groom’s men but you can invite your relatives, co-workers and anyone you wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call your friend. “friend” is the operative word here – your dad might be close to you but if you are going to invite dads you might end up having to invite your soon-to-be father-in-law and that isn’t cool.

Bankrolling the operation

Your wedding will be the most expensive party you are ever going to throw, so unless you have Elon-Musk-money, you need to set a budget that everyone can afford. For example, a camping trip is a great manly bonding activity but not everyone is the outdoorsy type. There aren’t a lot of people who would forego sleeping in 300-thread-count sheets you would find in a swanky hotel and the service with cocktails and luxurious spa treatments. If you do decide on that kind of five-star treatment then be warned: everyone needs to have very deep pockets.

Case The Joint

When you know how much you can afford to spend and how many people will be attending you can start with the fun part- choosing where to go.

Think of all the potential destinations of places you may have always wanted to visit but never got the chance, places you’ve been to and loved enough to want to return, cities that are known for a fun time. Is there an event around your city that you want to incorporate in your buck party activities? Maybe your favourite band has included your city as a tour stopover, or maybe your team is playing an important championship game in your city? Make a list. Find out what the deal-breakers are, cross off the venues that your guest cannot agree on. Talk to other people like your best man or event planner – they may have a better venue you may have not thought of.

Enjoy the day

After all that planning and rehearsals now come the moment you have been working up to. Enjoy your big event at that gentlemen’s club Melbourne everyone has been raving about, or that beer tasting tour, go-karting or doing out of the ordinary like driving a tank in the middle of nowhere. Move with skill, precision, and confidence.

The bottom line is that the bucks party can be the one chance you have of pulling off a heist with stealth and even getting away with crazy antics. Remind everyone of the unspoken rule “what happens in a bucks party stays there”. Embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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