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Looking for Pest Control in Alamo Heights? Here’s an Easy Guide

It can be truly frustrating to find signs of pest invasion in your Alamo Heights home, although bugs, insects, rodents, and other pest species are not rare in Texas. Regardless of the species, you need to call professional services and get an overview of the situation. If you are new to hiring pest control Alamo Heights, we have a guide below for your help. 

Ask around/look online

Talk to your relatives, neighbors, and friends in the area and ask them if they have hired pest control services in the past. References are quite useful, but we also recommend that you check online. Many companies have websites these days that offer key information online. You need at least two to three names to make a comparison. 

Exterminators vs. pest control

While both terms are often used synonymously, there are some major differences. An exterminator would use any chemical or pesticide required to exterminate pests, but that’s not the case with pest control companies. The latter focuses on pest prevention and relies on ways that are safer, not just for humans but also for other animals and the planet. Also, pest control companies often have the best equipment and resources to get their work done.

Don’t miss the basics

Typically, when you call a pest control company, they would come over and check your property. This is the time you get to meet their team and ask a few questions. Make a questionnaire including the queries listed below:

  1. Is your company licensed?
  2. How do you hire your pest control professionals? Are they insured? 
  3. Does your company have liability insurance?
  4. How long have you been working in Alamo Heights? Can you share references?
  5. What would be your suggestion for the current pest situation?
  6. Do you offer any guarantee on the work?
  7. What would be your advice to prevent infestation in the future?
  8. Do you have preventive pest control contracts?
  9. What kind of products do you use? Does the company practice eco-friendly pest control?

Check reviews

Not everything that a company says is likely to be entirely true, and you need to check whether there are positive reviews on the internet. Google is your best bet for anything and everything related to reviews. 

Finally, make sure that you have a clear contract with the pest control company with warranty details and any information, including discounts. Call a reliable local service today! 

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