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Learn More on Donaldson Filter Distributor

Learn more about Donaldson filter distributors and how they can help you. Since 1915, they have been a technology leader using innovative products to solve filtration challenges.

Their filtration systems and replacement parts serve customers in the industrial and engine markets, including dust collection, power generation, specialty filtration, compressed air purification, and off-road equipment.

Hydraulic Filtration

Hydraulic systems are a standard part of a wide range of machinery and equipment. They’re used in agriculture, military and defense, manufacturing, industrial automation, power generation, and more.

Filters are the best way to keep hydraulic fluid from contaminants like dirt, metal particles, rust, elastomers, and more. They also prevent clogging and damage to components.

Donaldson filter distributor VA offers a full line of hydraulic filtering systems to protect machinery and components. It includes housings, filter heads, replacement cartridges, and a spin-on.

Specifying the right hydraulic filter is critical to protecting your most sensitive components. It will result in efficient, high-performance fluid conditioning with extended component life.

Air Intake Systems

Air intake systems work to provide your engine with oxygen, which is necessary for combustion. The airflow through these intake systems also provides a smooth path for the engine to deliver more power and fuel efficiency.

Whether a simple cold air hose or a fully ported factory replacement system, these products will help increase horsepower and torque. 

These systems can also be installed with a muffler or exhaust kit, increasing your vehicle’s sound and improving performance. These air intakes can also be used with ECU performance software to boost your vehicle’s power further.

Fuel Filtration

Donaldson offers a complete line of fuel filtering systems to meet today’s demanding requirements. These filters help to prevent premature injector system and pump wear, improve engine performance and maximize fuel efficiency.

These filters remove water and particulate contaminates to increase performance and reduce downtime. They also help to ensure proper chemical balance in your fuel supply and lower maintenance costs.

Coolant Filtration

Donaldson filtration is a global manufacturer of filtration systems and replacement parts. It operates through two segments: engine products and industrial products.

Coolant filtering systems combat the effects of rust, scale, foaming, and silicate drop-out in cooling systems. It prevents equipment damage and reduces downtime.

It also provides a clean, alkaline environment that keeps engine performance and efficiency at peak levels. In addition, using Donaldson filters and additives can help you maintain the balance of your cooling system, which is critical to maximizing engine uptime.

Four coolant additive filters are available: initial charging, standard charge spin-on, blank, and non-chemical (blank). Preliminary charging filters initially contain the appro


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