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Is Being A Life Coach, Being Philanthropist?

Life coaching involves a long-term commitment to achieving goals that are difficult to attain when working on your own. Making a 3- to 6-month commitment enables you to learn from barriers and transform them as you live your life’s journey.

Philanthropic Advising

It helps you:

  • Connect with people’s values
  • Set giving/ philanthropic goals
  • Create, then evaluate, a giving plan
  • Conduct transparent, healthy relationships with fundraisers
  • Hold family meetings and family foundations
  • Initiate and participate in giving circles
  • Learn more about finding local investing opportunities

Philanthropy for People with Wealth

It helps you:

  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Create systems that help you be more effective with your time
  • Find honest and fulfilling ways to be in friendships and working relationships with people in different financial situations and from different class backgrounds.
  • Create or find supportive networks and colleagues
  • Choose other financial professionals.
  • Sort out feelings and thoughts that impact wills, estate planning giving to children and friends
  • Work to make personal lifestyle changes, helping you develop new habits and patterns.

“The Paradoxical Theory of Change” can frame the behavior within the “asking and giving” culture of philanthropy. These principles, in offering opportunities for change, would improve the experience of the “asker” and the “giver.” Charity is more than money. A resilient philanthropic culture is generated when people experience the joy and passion of working together with the generous support of the community.

A Successful Podcaster, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Patti Katter, is a Philanthropist as well because she keeps doing work that would benefit others in all ways possible more than that work would help her.

Everyone is tired of mainstream media. Katter’s shows offer insightful ways to remain positive in a hectic and sometimes stressful world. She has been in a podcasting career since 2006, and Her goal is to highlight guests who have overcome trials with triumph and encourage others.

She offers life coaching to those who need extra encouragement in their lives and provides consulting services to those who are seriously considering starting their podcast—encouraging people to live a fully engaged, fiercely-connected, and purpose-drenched life; Katter donates money and time to many different individuals and causes, mainly military veteran nonprofits as well as charities that support children. She prefers to give to nonprofits that operate as all volunteers to ensure the money goes directly to the cause.

The secret to living is giving. As Katter says, When you serve something greater than yourself, whether it be your family, your local community, or a global level, you discover a deeper purpose and create more meaning in your life. In the U.S. there is a strong culture of philanthropy – high net worth individuals who have chosen to donate financial resources to communities and causes that need support.

Katter is one of many people making a positive impact in the world by supporting causes that matter to her personally, and she learned that the key to fulfillment lies in giving.

Famous philanthropists impact the world by giving back a portion of their monetary wealth. Even if you don’t have large pools of capital to deploy to nonprofits or other recipients, you can still give your time, energy, or whatever resources you want to share. In this way, everyone can become a philanthropist.


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