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How to cleanse Jade

Usually, Jade is called the stone of happiness or the stone of good fortune. It is important to keep it clean to take advantage of its usefulness. Here are just three ways to cleanse Jade it up: sage, sound, and visualization. Sage has been used since ancient times to get rid of negative energies and keep them clean. After setting intentions, light the sage and hold the sage in a non-dominant hand while crystal on the other hand. Allow the smoke to cascade over the Jade for 30 seconds or more, depending on the negativity inside the Jade.

Another powerful method to cleanse the crystal is sound. Drums, bells, or any other sound, even your voice, is a perfect option for cleansing practice. Set your intentions and play the chosen music or sound. Visualize the sound surrounding your Jade, shaking loose the unwanted energies and flushing away those negative energies. Focus on each piece of Jade takes only 10 minutes. It is the best method, especially when you are trying to cleanse the number of crystals—another powerful tool for healing and clearing negative energies. Your energy and imagination is the only requirement of this method. It begins with your intentions. With a little practice, it is easier to cleanse crystal using visualization.

Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes and hold the Jade in your hand. Imagine the white light engulfing your crystal and washing off the unwanted energies. Thirty seconds or more than this is required if the stone is holding heavy energies. You are using your energies, so it may be hectic for you. Sunlight is the best option for recharging the Jade. It’s better to cleanse your Jade once a month.

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