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How To Choose A Pain Management Physician

Chronic pain is a severe matter. If you are suffering from chronic pain or know someone, it can be challenging to find a physician that will help. Pain physicians are becoming more prevalent in the medical world but still face challenges when dealing with insurance companies. The problem has become worse in recent years because there is no single solution for every person dealing with chronic pain. Not all people require medication, while others on drugs find themselves mired in the chains of addiction. As explained by Dr. Carlos Vazquez in Fort Worth, patients with chronic pain simply want to function regularly without surgery or addictive medication. If you have chronic pain, you might find these tips helpful when searching for a pain management physician.

  • Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to find a pain management physician is to ask friends and family who they would recommend. By asking, you will find physicians knowledgeable in dealing with your specific type of pain. Most people have had some experience trying out doctors and know who is gentle and just “pump them up” with medication.

  • Find A Board Certified Physician

Although not all physicians need to be board certified, many people choose this route because it does help weed out some of the less qualified medical practitioners. You can find a list of physicians specializing in pain management by visiting the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians website. The site will not give out individual names, but it may be helpful if you are searching for a pain management physician in your area.

  • Be Sure They Specialize In Your Type Of Pain

Some people have found that they need to go to more than one type of specialist to get the relief they need in their pain management program. This is not uncommon and can help your case if you try to get your insurance company to pay for the physician you feel will be most beneficial to your recovery.

  • Always Do Your Research

Before agreeing upon an appointment with a new physician, be sure to check out their background. You may want to do some research on the physician before you even make an appointment. You can find lots of information on physicians by visiting their websites or looking into online medical directory websites; just be sure that you are getting accurate information.

  • Ask About their Pain Management Philosophy

Once you have found a physician experienced in your type of pain, the next thing to do is ask them about their pain management philosophy. During a “get to know you” meeting, you can usually do this. Many physicians will provide seminars or lectures on specific aspects of pain management, allowing patients to get a better idea of their actual treatment.

In summary, chronic pain is not an easy thing to deal with. The good news is that more pain management physicians are available than ever before. The bad news is that you still need to do your research in advance of an appointment. If you dedicate some time to finding the correct physician for your needs, it will pay off in the end by allowing you to get back to an everyday life.

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