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How Does Medical Astrology Help You Have Good Health?

When you talk to astrologer, you get to know what health issues you may face in the future. So, take remedial actions and the correct treatment and have good health. The present-day food habits, activities, environment, and lifestyle affect your health.

You consciously need to take steps leading toward good health. Seeking Medical Astrology is that step that will take you closer to leading a healthy life. Talk to astrologer, and he will predict what health issues you may face and at what age.

Knowing what disease you are prone to, you can take preventive measures right from the beginning and curtail it in its initial stage. You can take the help of medical astrologers in live astrology sessions.

You can get into the details of your health by knowing the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses in your natal chart. If a malefic planet has its influence on any one or more of these houses, then you may face problems in your health. Also, if the planets in these houses are weak, you may face health issues related to those planets.

Planets and their effect on your health

The planets and the related health issues you may have or parts of the body that may be affected are:

Sun: The Sun represents the stomach, back, heart, eyes-right eye in men and left eye in women, head, and joints. You may be prone to high fever, migraine, sinus, etc.

Moon: The Moon represents the lungs, left eye in men and right eye in women, brain, blood, and body fluids. You may have asthma, diabetes, dry cough, insomnia, vomiting, etc.

Mercury: Mercury represents the thyroid, face, nervous system, and skin. You may suffer from mental disorders, ear problems, etc.

Venus: Venus represents the throat and its glands, cheeks, and face. You have a chance of facing urinary tract problems, cysts in the ovary, impotence, etc.

Mars: Mars represents bile, gallbladder, chest, nose, blood, bone marrow, red blood cells, etc. You are prone to blood clotting, brain disorder, knee problems, female genital diseases, etc.

Jupiter: Jupiter affects the major organs like the liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc. You may suffer from memory loss, excessive weight, fatty liver, etc.

Saturn: Saturn represents legs, teeth, hair, bones, and muscles. You may have arthritis, weakness, gastric problems, etc.

Rahu: Rahu is responsible for stammering, breathing problems, cataracts, cancer, ulcer, etc.

Ketu: Ketu causes problems in the abdomen. It is responsible for untraceable health issues and bringing down your immunity.

How my astrology birth chart analysis can give me good health? Is it a question on your mind? As per Vedic astrology, the planets and our birth signs influence the seven chakras and the body organs.

These chakras are the energy centers of the body and show the nature and characteristics of their ruling planets. Each chakra relates to particular aspects of emotions, psychology, and spiritual and physical being. Your health is affected adversely if these chakras malfunction or are blocked.

Chakras and their effect on your health

  1. Mooladhara chakra/ Root Chakra 

It is ruled by Mars and represents innocence, purity, joy, and wisdom. It influences your mental characteristics by increasing fear, indiscipline, greediness, insecurity, lack of purpose, sleeplessness, etc. when it malfunctions. This chakra affects your teeth, knee, feet, bones, joints, and muscles.

  1. Svadhishthana/Sacral Chakra

Ruled by Mercury, it is responsible for the basic needs of sexuality, self-worth, and creativity. It makes you a positive, happy, compassionate, and satisfied person. When this chakra malfunctions, you become irritable, lose energy and creativity, and get obsessed with sexual thoughts.

  1. Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra

Ruled by Jupiter, it represents balance, morality, and satisfaction. An imbalance of this chakra results in emotions like ego, anger, aggression, depression, lack of self-esteem, digestion and liver problems, and diabetes.

  1. Anahata/Heart Chakra

This chakra ruled by Venus is responsible for love, compassion, passion, trust, and attachment. An imbalance in this chakra leads to anger, jealousy, fear, etc.

  1. Vishuddha/Throat Chakra

Saturn is its ruling planet and characterizes the feeling of oneness, inspiration, faith, good communication, etc. Malfunction of this chakra leads to lack of expression, timidity, quietness, etc.

  1. Ajna/Third Eye chakra 

Ruled by the Sun, it is responsible for intuition, intelligence, insight, and knowledge. An imbalance makes you egotistic, dominating or non-assertive, and frightened of success.

  1. Sahasrara/Crown Chakra

Ruled by the Mon, it is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, and energy. It brings cosmic consciousness. You feel frustrated, helpless, and sad when this chakra is blocked.

Medical astrology gives you a clear picture of the planets and their effect on your chakras and health. Talk to astrologer about your health and take the necessary precautions to enjoy good health. An astrologer and a doctor together can work wonders on your health.

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