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Hiring Django Developers: Freelancers vs. Agencies

Django is one of the most loved Python-based frameworks used for creating scalable and robust backend web applications. With a time-tested toolbox approach, enhanced security features and small learning curve, developers prefer this open-end framework to create social media sites, and e-commerce sites with heavy traffic and database. With the increasing demand for Django developers, a company hires a reputed and experienced Django development agency to get high-quality development services. Based on the project’s requirements, you can choose an agency or a Django freelancer as well for the short term to get specialized service at a low cost. 

Hiring a Django freelancer or an agency has its pros and cons. You need to carefully check your project goals and requirements and other aspects to make a well-informed decision. Read this article to know when you should hire an agency or rely on a freelancer for your app development. 

Hiring an Agency: Pros and Cons

When you hire a software development firm for Django development, the firm or agency takes care of all aspects of your project right from hiring specialists to comprehensive project management. You will get assured high quality of the work and the project and all information related to it will be confidential. A team of experts will handle your project, complete it within the scheduled time, and you will even get the best-in-class support and maintenance service as per the contract. Hiring a Django development agency is best for big projects that require long-term collaboration. 

The only disadvantage is the cost factor as an agency charge is on the higher-end than a freelancer. However, you can check out and compare quotes from a few leading agencies and choose the one that provides the most affordable development services, without compromising the service quality. 

Hiring a Freelancer: Pros and Cons

Hiring a freelancer for a short-term development project can be the best bet when there is a cost constraint. You can avail services of a freelancer at a lower cost than an agency. The freelancer can be specialized to provide the right services as per your project model. As they have no time constraints, they can make their schedules flexible to suit your business needs. You can find an experienced Django freelancer on a freelancing platform. 

However, hiring a freelancer has specific disadvantages that you must be well aware of to get the maximum value. The most crucial thing is that you need to manage and monitor the product development on your own. In absence of any contract or service agreement, you may not get high-quality services within the timeline. You can collaborate with a freelancer for the short term and they come with limited skills. If your product development requires wider technology stacks or a skill-set that the freelancer doesn’t have, you may have to look for another freelancer or better hire an agency for the same. 

Besides these, you may not expect the post-development support and maintenance from the freelancer that only an agency can provide you. Hence, you can check out the pros and cons and choose an agency or a freelancer for getting superb quality Django development services.

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