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Here are the 5 Most Effective Ways to Manage Low Libido in Women

Several factors can cause decreased sexual desire in women, but hormone depletion is the leading cause. Fortunately, you do not have to put up with the situation. The Low-Libido specialists of the Plano The Riegel Center can put up a specialized treatment option to restore your hormone levels and increase your sexual desire. Since various factors can cause low libido, you might need to combine several approaches to manage the condition as outlined herein effectively.

Counseling and Education

Initially, your doctor will diagnose your condition to understand the cause of your low sex desire. Perhaps a sex therapist or counselor can be suitable to talk to since they are specially trained to address sexual concerns. Your therapy can include education on sexual techniques and responses to help you improve on your sexual desire. Additionally, your provider might recommend reading materials or couples exercises to help increase your feeling of sexual desire and intimacy.


Certain medications could be the reason for your low libido. Therefore, your doctor will begin by reviewing your current medications and get to your medical history to see if any is associated with your situation. Additionally, your doctor might recommend some medications alongside counseling to raise your sexual desires. Some of the FDA-approved medications to increase libido include bremelanotide and flibanserin. However, these medications are only approved to be used by women in their premenopausal stage but not postmenopausal women.

Hormone Therapy

Your doctor might recommend several hormone therapies to make you more comfortable during sex and improve your desire. Estrogen can be delivered in different forms, including patches, pills, gels, and sprays. Testosterone is the male hormone playing a critical role in female sexual function. Prasterone is a vaginal insert that can ease painful sex by directly delivering the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone to your vagina. Finally, ospemifene is a pill taken daily to relieve painful symptoms.

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes

Research has shown that making healthy lifestyle choices can greatly impact your sexual desire. Exercising regularly, especially performing aerobic exercises, can increase your stamina and image and generally lift your mood. Finding better ways to cope with stress will also help enhance your sex drive. Also, you can spice up things in bed by trying different positions or having sex at different times of the day but ensure you communicate well with your partner. Consider ditching bad habits like illegal drugs, smoking, or alcohol consumption.

Seek Support and Develop Good Coping Habits

It is normal to feel sad about experiencing low libido. However, it is crucial to be honest and share with your partner to find ways to cope with the situation together. Having your partner’s support can provide a positive vibe you need when dealing with low libido. Remember that a low sex drive can cause issues in your relationships, worsening the situation. But instead of focusing on sex, try to invest more time nurturing your relationships. You can get extra sleep, take long walks, kiss your partner goodbye, make date nights, and spend more time on foreplay. Having a positive feeling about yourself can play a significant role in lifting your sex drive.

Low libido has a cure. All you need is, to be honest with your doctor and your partner to understand where to get help. Plano low libido specialist Christopher J. Riegel, M.D, has extensive experience managing low sex drive and can help you. Reach out to him or book an online appointment to understand better how you can be helped out of your situation. 

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