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Here are 6 Kidney Stones Symptoms to Watch Out

Kidney stones are the most prevalent urinary system complication affecting over half a million Americans every year. The condition involves hard mineral fragments forming in your kidney but leaving the body through the urethra. You might not need treatment for tiny kidney stones since they will be eliminated through urinating, but large kidney stones require medical interventions. If you think you have kidney stones, it is crucial to talk to kidney specialists like the Murray Hill kidney stones experts. The condition can manifest through specific symptoms. You should watch out and take action. Have a look

Pain in Your Belly, Back, or Side

Pain related to kidney stones is one of the most severe pain you can imagine. Many patients experiencing the pain compare it to childbirth or a stabbing experience. It is so intense that it is one of the primary reasons patients visit the emergency room every year. When the stones get to a narrow ureter, it blocks the passageway building up pressure in the kidney. As a result, the nerve fibers transmitting pain signals to your brain are activated, leading to sudden pain. The pain escalates as the stone moves through the ureter. Note that you can feel the pain in different areas and intensities.

Pain When Urinating

Kidney stones are one reason you might be experiencing pain or burning sensations when urinating. As the kidney stone comes to the junction between the ureter and bladder, you experience sharp pain. You must consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis since you can mistake UTI symptoms for infection. But you can have a condition alongside kidney stones.

Urgent Need to Pee

It is normal to feel the urge to visit the washrooms more often, but you must understand your normal range. It could be kidney stones when you realize the desire is more frequent and urgent than usual. It might indicate that the stone is in the lower part of your urinary tract. Although urinary urgency might mimic UTI symptoms, consult a kidney stones specialist when you find yourself constantly needing to pee throughout the day and night.

Bloody Urine

Kidney stones are common reasons you can experience blood in the urine. Your urine can be brown, pink, or red, indicating your urinary tract problem. However, sometimes your urine might not change color since the blood cells can be too small to notice with bare eyes. Your doctor has to test your urine to see the traces of blood.

Smelly and Cloudy Urine

You should notice clear urine without a strong odor when healthy. But if your urine is smelly and cloudy, you might have an infection or other issues within your urinary tract. Sometimes you can endure UTI alongside kidney stones accompanied by smelly and dirty stones, which call for a surgical emergency. The smell could be due to the infection, while the cloudiness shows pus in the urine.

Nausea and Vomiting

These are common symptoms of many health conditions, including kidney stones. Although you might not directly tell you you are suffering from kidney stones, notice other symptoms and report them to your doctor. It could be a reaction of your body to pain.

If you have suspicious symptoms of kidney stones, do not hesitate to seek medical assistance. You can contact the kidney stones specialists at Urologist: Michael, Rotman, MD, or book an online appointment for service.

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