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Guide to becoming a customs officer in Canada

A customs officer is one of the most responsible people in the customs clearance and other mandatory law of the country’s borders. They are aware of the process well and thus, their role is critical. To be a customs officer, one must deliver immense patience, dedication, and necessary skills required for the role. In this article, we shall discuss the various qualities required to be a good customs agent in Canada.

These tips are shared by experts working for Clearit Canada customs clearance. Once you are aware of the duties and responsibilities of the agent, you will be able to apply for the role with confidence.

Before we proceed with the duties and qualities to become a customs officer, here are a few core responsibilities performed by them;

  • They check the belongings of people entering into overseas land.
  • They inspect and check the commercial products, commodities, and services before reaching the foreign land.
  • They charge and collect duties, freights, and other applicable taxes on commodities for the import or export.
  • They have the rights to arrest people for any fraudulent acts or law breakage.
  • They have the authority to stop a passenger from boarding the plane or ship for any suspect.
  • A customs officer is well-versed with the documents, shipment process, and other legal formalities of the country.

Qualities to becoming a customs officer in Canada:

Eligibility: To be a customs officer in Canada, you must first meet the requirements such as holding a high school diploma, a valid Canadian driver license, and a Canadian citizenship.

Education: Other than high school diploma, a customs officer is also expected to have majors in law, security, psychology, criminology, and policing. It will help shorten the promotion period and make them eligible for higher rankings with better pay.

Entrance exam: The trainee must attend and clear the officer trainee entrance exam (OTEE). It is basically a multiple-choice question based exam. A few other core competencies assessed in the exam include the candidate’s client service skills, reasoning skills, writing skills, analytical thinking skills, patience test, and more…

Interview: After clearing all the formalities, the customs agent receives an interview application. They must prepare for certain qualities to clear the final interview round such as problem-solving, decision-making, judgment, value, diligence, etc…

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