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Get to learn and understand more about the post-blepharoplasty repair

Some people who have undergone eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty might have drooping eyelids. Drooping eyelids affect your vision as well as your appearance. Suppose you begin experiencing drooping eyelids after blepharoplasty no need to feel frustrated because Scarsdale post-blepharoplasty repair is the solution to all your concerns. Qualified and experienced specialists usually offer post-blepharoplasty repair to improve your line of vision and lift drooping eyelids. Below is all you are required to learn concerning post-blepharoplasty repair.

What is the post-blepharoplasty repair?

Post-blepharoplasty repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to correct drooping eyelids after undergoing eyelid surgery in the past. The health care provider lifts your drooping eyelids by correcting eyelid tissue abnormalities, thus tightening the lids to look attractive and physically pleasing.

Why might you need post-eyelid surgery repair?

People with drooping or sagging eyelids, asymmetrical eyelids, unsatisfactory results from past eyelid surgery, the tissue that impairs peripheral vision, or bags under your eyes might decide to undergo post-blepharoplasty repair. Most health care specialists have extensive training in blepharoplasty. Therefore, giving you tighter, young-looking, and symmetrical eyelids.

Is post-blepharoplasty repair right for you?

Your health care provider usually begins by reviewing your medical history and examines your eyelids to help determine if you are fit for post-blepharoplasty repair before discussing with you your goals. In this case, you are expected to be in good physical health and have achievable goals.  

How can you prepare for your post-blepharoplasty surgery?

When preparing for your post-eyelid surgery repair, you are encouraged to adhere to all the pre-procedure instructions. For instance, your physician may require you to have someone drive you home after surgery and also ask you to stop using a particular medicine. Of importance is not to drink or eat anything the morning before your repair procedure.

What does the procedure entail?

After arriving for your appointment, you are given general anesthesia or sedative to help you sleep, thus making you comfortable during the procedure. Therefore, the procedure is pain-free. Your doctor then makes small incisions around your eyelids, repairs or removes tissue, and later closes the incisions. You are then taken to the recovery room to rest and further observation. Generally, the post-eyelid surgery may last for approximately one to two hours.

What to expect during recovery?

After you repair surgery, you must follow all post-procedure instructions given to you by your physician. You may be required to take the medications as prescribed, have a person to drive you home, avoid vigorous activities till you are fully healed, and have enough rest. You might also be required to take a few days or weeks off from your work or daily chores. During recovery, you might experience dry eyelids, mild irritation or pain, bruising, or swelling. Therefore, you can apply ointments or cold packs as advised and wear sunglasses until your eyelids are healed. And approximately after a week, your doctor can remove the stitches.

Having drooping eyelids post eyelid surgery can impair your vision and appearance; therefore, if you begin seeing sagging eyelids and are interested in learning more about the post-blepharoplasty repair. Get started by calling or consulting Robert M. Schwarcz, MD. You can also book your appointment online on their website.

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