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Excellent game-changing benefits of using Wedge wire 

Wedge wires are manufactured by wielding V shape wire on support rods. It begins with clogging the highest quality raw wire made out into the screen to cut., shape, fabricate, and clean. 

Wedge wire can be ordered in a raw material still covered with a fabricated finished look to suit your application requirement. The pinpoint power over the specifications of the slot is what allows the wedge wire screen to provide customers with highly accurate flow distribution and adequate debris, media, and sediment filtration.

Wedge Wire is a unique combination of filtration and screening material used in many industries to support profiles at set distances. The gap between the wedges allows the liquid to pass through while tying any large object on the other side. This article might go through the fantastic life-changing benefits of using wedge wires. 

Benefits of using wedge wires 

  • While using wedge wire, clogging gets minimized

The continuous gap between the wedge wires, the two-point section of contact, makes it possible for particulars to get quickly caught off. This is the main reason for clogging, minimizing, and settling a downtime at your facility. 

  • Wires are easy to clean

Naturally, every element gets dirt on; similarly, wedge wires do. But, for the sole reason, dirt is easily removed quickly and straightforwardly. The element names backflush, through which most particles are scraped out stubbornly with a wire brush implemented. 

This can significantly reduce your downtime in your facility, save labor costs and help to keep things online more than other forms of filters. 

  • Slot size for wedge wire is controlled

This benefits many applications as it eliminates the randomness found in cheaper screens and creates a gap for precise quality control. It is said that wedge wire is the brewer’s best friend, and not one but many industries rely on stainless steel wedge wire to ensure quality control on the product. 

  • Wedge wire is strong enough to hold things

High pressure on the environment or cases may impact the screening or strength of elements. Since wedge wire panels are welded, they are far more away to resist the damage formed on these and other stressed platforms. Also, they can last longer since they are hard to deform. 

  • The pressure drop of wedge wires is low

The efficiency-enhancing design included in wedge wire means that there will be a slight pressure drop as the liquids will pass through. This is better for the systems as they will give for more materials and processes that would be possible for others. 

  • No flavor will be transferable from stainless steel wedge wire

Stainless steel conveys no taste to the materials that pass through it. This makes the right choice for flavor products. Fruit juice makers of beers and other such product owners prefer it to be a part of this reason. 

  • It can be made strictly according to any specifications

Since the wedge wire filter is custom fabricated, you can quickly get the exact gap size you need for your application or industry. 

  • It’s a time-tested filter type

Wedge wires have been used for over decades, making the product more reliable, tested free from unwanted surprises, and many more. So the product is a tested filter. 

Key takeaway 

Wedge wire is easy to clean and use and requires a minimum downtime for your facility. For more information contact us. 

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