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Does it Matter to Follow Your Passions?

No matter what you do in your life, it is crucial that you should do things you are passionate about because that is the key to finding success and happiness in your life.

There are many people around the world who have all the money in the world and they are not happy or if they have achieved their goals but they are not satisfied with the end result. If you are one of these people, then it means that you are lacking passion in your life and that you need to find something that really drives you to do something meaningful in your life.

Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from their passions because other people tell them that they are not good enough for it, or they don’t have the talent for it or that they will never be financially stable in their career of choice. And while it is important to be able to make ends meet, you should not let anyone stop you from doing something you are passionate about.

For example, consider the passions of Edik Baroni who had always wanted to be a cleric from a young age – and despite all the hardships, he finally achieved his long awaited dream.

Since the beginning, Baroni’s felt his calling to be a cleric, and he put not only passion but dedication. He followed his dream by researching about the churches, priesthood, and all things related to the religious life.

It was in 1996 when he joined the Roman Catholic Church and spent the rest of his years learning, working on his education at multiple Pontifical universities of Rome and different seminaries to complete his priestly formation.

In 2007, Baroni moved to Los Angeles and followed not only his spiritual vocation but also began his professional career by working in the Fortune 40 best large workplaces as his secular job. Over the years he held various positions at the Bank of America and finally gained the title of Assistant Vice President. In 2012, he was ordained as a priest at the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ. Later in May 2022  with the consent of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ’s Primate and the college of bishops, Baroni was elected and consecrated bishop.

Although to reach his final goal was indeed filled with challenges, Baroni was relentless in seeing it through to the end. And like him, it is also important for people to find their own passion as well.

There are also many misconceptions about how, if you want anything, you need to start your putting all effort into you dream and passion. And in pursuit of that, many people have chosen a business career that is centered around what they are passionate about. But what they forget is that running a business comes with many other responsibilities that do not always match with your passions. As a result, business owners give up in their first year of business.

It is important to take your time to know what you are interested in, what are your passions and if you can deal with the other responsibilities that come with pursuing your goals. Once things seem to make sense, you can go ahead and take the first step towards your career.

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