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DIY Installations of Smart Devices

Smart Devices can easily be found on the domestic market, and at very affordable prices might we add. Turning an ordinary home into a smart home is quite simpler than you think. With the availability of multiple smart devices, you can now automate your home and bring about all the upgrades that you could only dream of once. 

You can find all kinds of smart devices; from smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, smart cameras, and voice assistants and smart plugs, to even kitchen appliances like smart coffee-makers, smart refrigerators and smart ovens. 

Though most of these are external devices that just have to be plugged into a power outlet and connected to your phone via Wi-Fi, the rest are easily installable otherwise. There are a few however that may require professional assistance, such as garage smart installation and certain wired smart devices that could prove to be tricky to do so by yourselves. 

Here’s two smart devices that you can install DIY style.

Smart Smoke Detectors  

Smart Smoke Detectors are probably the greatest smart devices invented. Not only do they combine the functions of both types of smoke detectors, photoelectric and ionization, but they also let you turn off false alarms and low battery beeping from your smartphone! 

That’s right, Smart Smoke Detectors like the Google Nest Protect, for instance, feature their own mobile applications hereby which you can get real-time notifications of any potential hazards detected as well as ‘low battery’ alerts, and you can turn off any false alarms from the app too. These detectors have a wider range of coverage compared to ordinary ones and can pick up on anything – from smoldering to fast-burning fires, and carbon monoxide leaks too.

Here’s how you can install a wired smart smoke detector by yourself. But remember, it’s always helpful to refer to the instruction manual that comes with your device.

  1. First things first shut off the power from the main circuit breaker of your home – but only of the outlet where you’re installing the device.
  2. If there already is an existing smoke detector in place, remove the device and disconnect its wiring from the device itself. 
  3. Once the old device has been removed, it’s time to install the new smart smoke detector. Mark the points where the new device’s mounting plate will be fixed first.
  4. When the mounting plate’s been fixed in place, take the wiring out from the opening to make it easier to connect them to the new device.
  5. Connect the wires to the smart smoke detector and place the device into its mount.
  6. Switch the power to the outlet back on, and once your device switches on, set it up from its mobile app!

Smart Thermostats

Smart devices are all the more amazing because certain categories cater to being eco-friendly and energy-efficient; smart thermostats do just that. These brilliant devices can reduce your energy consumption and billing by a significant mark in just a few months of installation. 

Much like all smart devices, even smart thermostats can be controlled via mobile apps and have compatibility with certain voice assistants too – so that enables voice control as well. You can schedule settings for the device to operate according to throughout the day or week, which along with having access from your smartphones leaves no room for carelessness or wasting energy. 

Here’s how you can install a smart thermostat at home by yourself. Remember, it’s always good to keep the instruction manual of your particular device in handy. 

  1. Given smart thermostats are wired, you would have to switch the power off of the particular outlet from the main home circuit breaker. 
  2. You would have to first remove the old thermostat and its mounting plate. Make sure to carefully disconnect the wiring.
  3. Fix in the new device’s mounting plate around the power outlet and gently take the wiring out from the opening in the plate. 
  4. Before placing the smart thermostat into its mounting plate, connect the wiring to the device.
  5. Place the device into its mounting plate once the wires have been connected. 
  6. Switch the power back on and when the device turns on, it’s ready to configure through the mobile app!

There are a few things to be careful of when it comes to installing anything that incudes wires and electricity, whether or not it is a smart device. Firstly, it is always a smart move to switch off power to the particular room or outlet that you intend to work on, because dealing with electricity and wires can be dangerous. Always keep the instruction manual close by instead of chucking it out whenever you unbox anything. Another thing to know is that there is no harm in calling for professional assistance if you’re not confident about the job yourself. 

If you’re looking for smart devices for your home, then head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their catalog. They also offer professional installation services should you require any assistance. But otherwise, most smart devices are pretty easy to install and set up within 30 minutes. 

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