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Choose The Best of Cosplay Dresses With the Stunning Collections

They are at the same time the enemies of some and the main attraction of Lucca Comics & Games, between 29 October and 1 November. Like it or not, cosplayers will invade the walls again this year with their weapons, wings and glittering trains, braving the crowds and the elements to show off their sometimes doubtful, sometimes undeniable talent. The Anime Cosplay Costumes are most essential here.

If Lucca Comics & Games gives you the irrepressible itch of dressing up as your favorite character, write down this handbook of tips and use them for next year. Yes, because it’s easy to say dressing up, but the business could turn out to be much more complex than you imagine.

Buy the Material in Time

Finding yourself without a wig three days after the fair or worse, discovering that the long-awaited and just arrived is horrible, could give you many problems.

Don’t Underestimate the Hairstyle

About the wig: don’t underestimate it. Many cosplays look ridiculous because of the shiny and flattened carnival wigs on their heads. Invest some extra cash, or pick a character that doesn’t need it. The result will gain a lot.

It Is Not the Physique That Makes the Difference

It is always said to choose cosplay suits that suit your physique, but let’s face reality: the characters are imaginary or actors who have gone through make-up before, which is the same thing, therefore beautiful and in perfect shape, while we are normal human beings. Don’t worry, and have fun. This is where the demon slayer Costumes are important.

However, choosing a character that is well suited to your physical characteristics makes the job a lot easier. Long story short: if you’re terrified of contact lenses, it’s best to choose a character who wears glasses.

First Aid

Always have a sewing kit behind you, or at least safety pins. Cosplay is in all sorts of ways at the fair and will often need a quick patch.

You’re Cosplayers, Not Dolls

This happens especially but not limited to girls. If with the excuse of photographing you someone gives you heavy appreciation is on you or touches you more than necessary, and these things bother you, say so. You don’t have to smile silently and bear like dolls.

Kindness First

Be kind to one another. Dislikes are everywhere, but don’t get unnecessarily angry with other cosplayers if their costume is worse or better than yours. You are there to have fun, remember that.

Beware of Bulky Loads

A note from visitors: please don’t enter the pavilions with bulky cosplay. They’re the main reason people bother cosplayers. People love to look at you, and they also regret accidentally destroying and trampling the result of your hard-earned labor, but if you walk around the stands with four-meter-long brocade cloaks, huge pointed scythes and Sapher Sephiroth’s wingspan, well, don’t leave us many alternatives.

Let the cosplay more scenic for the days when you plan to stay on the walls or pieces and lift them to someone while you’re shopping: they all gain in health.

Remember to check the feedback of the store you go to carefully, and to keep in mind that the price of a cheap product lies in the fluctuating quality of the result. If you want you can make improvements to the dress yourself, redoing parts or completing others.

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