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Can cbd vape help reduce anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, cbd vape may be able to help. Anxiety may be crippling. It can disrupt your social life, affect your work, and all that is in between.

What exactly is anxiety?

All people will experience some anxiety from time to time. It is a feeling of unease or discomfort in the stomach. It can make your stomach feel sick, restless and/or just want you to curl up in your bed.

You might feel anxious before an exam or interview for a job. That is perfectly normal. Anxiety may be a normal reaction to ‘dangerous’ situations. Others feel much more anxious and have difficulty controlling their emotions.


General anxiety disorder (gad) is a condition that affects all people. The anxiety you experience is not about one particular event. It’s about a whole series of events. Often, one worry gets resolved almost instantly and another takes its spot.


Social anxiety disorder describes a person who is afraid of social situations.

Panic disorder

Panic disorder describes a condition where panic attacks and fear are common. These can be triggered by any reason or at any moment of the day.


Traumatic brain injury (PTSD) is the cause of PTSD. An individual suffering from PTSD can experience flashbacks as well as nightmares, guilt and isolation.


Ocd can be used in a loose sense. Ocd does not mean I am so ocd with all my cleaning. An anxiety disorder refers to obsessive and compulsive behavior.

What does cbd mean?

Cbd is a compound, known as a cannabis cannabinoid. It is found in cannabis plants. There are more cannabinoids than one hundred in cannabis. However, cbd and THC are the most commonly known. Below is a short video that will explain what cbd and THC are.

Cbd vapes can reduce anxiety.

Cbd vape can be used in a variety of ways to help reduce anxiety. It is important to discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider prior to mixing or replacing medications.

Serotonin interaction

Serotonin in brain is thought help regulate mood, happiness, as well as anxiety. This chemical has been linked with anxiety disorders, depression, and low levels.

Studies indicated that cbd interacts avec the serotonin receptor, which could lead to anxiolytic results. Anxiolytics refer to drugs that can reduce anxiety.

Cbd is believed to increase binding of the 5-ht1a receptive in a similar way as serotonin. It may also help to reduce anxiety by allowing your body to make its own serotonin.


The benefits of full spectrum cbd, along with other herbs or plants, might be enhanced by the presence of terpenes. Full spectrum cbd vapes can be used to treat anxiety. 

Has cbd been proven to have many health benefits?

It is being explored whether cbd vape can reduce anxiety. As well as human subjects, studies have been done with mice and rats.

One human study evaluated the impact of cbd on anxiety. The study involved two groups. One group was treated with cbd, and the other with a placebo. Then they were asked to take part at a public speaking contest. The cbd was found to make people feel much less anxious when compared to those who received the placebo.

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