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Best Outdoor Activities for Spring

Spring offers some of the best weather for outdoor activities. The air is fresh and clean, temperatures are not too hot or too cold, it is just right outside. Activities are available for all ages and interests. Reconnecting with nature is a perfect way to celebrate spring.


Requiring minimal investment of money, hiking necessitates a good pair of shoes and a backpack. An easy activity to do anywhere. Parks and trails abound near our homes. A quick internet search will provide a list of locations in which you can hike. On websites for parks and trails, you will find information about the difficulty of the trails available at each location. In many areas, no longer used railways and canal routes have been transformed into hiking trails.

In your backpack, make sure that you take water with you. Depending upon how long you plan to hike, adding snacks is certainly important. Hiking is a great activity to do alone, with a partner or group, or take your dog out on a hike.

Each state has their own unique trails and landscapes, enjoy hiking as one of your spring outdoor activities.


Biking requires a bit more of an investment than hiking. For those just starting out or revisiting their youthful days of biking, there are options to rent bikes or purchase them used. Either option will reduce your costs. If you are biking on the streets, make sure that you have all the proper equipment. You must wear a helmet. Donning bright apparel is another important safety idea.

Most areas have biking paths that you can ride. You may have to transport your bike to that location. However, these can be an easier place to start biking with paved pathways. For those a little more adventurous, consider mountain biking. There are paths in many parks that you can challenge yourself on riding the hills. Cycling around your neighborhood can be a relaxing bike ride and a perfect way to reconnect with neighbors.

Regardless of the path you choose, consider adding biking to your list of outdoor activities for the spring.


Spring is a great time to set up your campsite for the season. It is not too hot or buggy to get your tent, sleeping bags, and other equipment arranged on a campsite. Since the weather is cool, walks in the woods can be more manageable for all.

Locating your campsite near water will enhance the outdoor spring activities in which you can engage. In many areas, spring is the start of the fishing season. When you pack for your camping trip, make sure your fishing gear is included. Fresh fish cooked on the open campfire will be the perfect meal to end your day outdoors.

Strap your canoe or kayak onto your vehicle. Floating out on the water is a great spring time adventure. If you do not have a canoe or kayak, many camping locations have them available for rental.

Cooler nights are perfect for a campfire and telling stories through the night. Camping is another great way to enjoy outdoor activities.

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