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Addiction as a Major Concern

The number of people who suffer from addiction keeps rising by the day. Some people get hooked on substance abuse without their cognizance. In most cases, those suffering from addiction are unaware of their addiction because of denial. Addiction is a chronic disease that alters how one thinks and behaves by interfering with the functioning of the body and the brain. But there is hope for those suffering from the addiction since Glendale addiction specialist has established a facility that combines various interventions to ensure people overcome and recover from the chains of addiction. 

Some of the Reasons why People Get Addicted

  • Genes can predispose a person to addiction. Some of the research published show that genes account for half of the chances of people getting hooked on drugs. Factors such as race and gender also predispose a person to addiction.
  • The environment also acts as a factor when discussing why people get addicted. If people grow up and live in neighborhoods where drugs are readily available and abusing drugs is the order of the day, they are highly likely to get addicted. 
  • Growth and development also contribute to addiction because the age at which a person becomes exposed to drugs can determine whether they are likely to get addicted. For instance, if teenagers get introduced to drugs, they are likely to get addicted when they are young adults because their brains are still developing. 
  • Mental health issues also contribute to addiction because a person with a mental disorder is vulnerable to using drugs to escape from reality temporarily. Therefore, they get addicted to drugs and make their mental condition worse. 

Reasons Why Addicted People Cannot Easily Quit Drugs

  1. It is not in their will to stop. 

Addiction causes a person to become vulnerable and lose the will to stop taking the drugs. The drugs alter the brain and make the person think that they cannot function without taking the pills. 

  1. Most people do not accept that they have a problem.

Denial makes people suffering from addiction not admit they have a problem. Often, they will be committed to rehabilitation facilities and fail to recover because they have not accepted that they have a problem and need help. 

  1. The stigma in the society

Society perceives addicts as people who choose to be in that position. Society is unwilling to support addicts to recover. During the event, the addict recovers community is still suspicious of their recovery. 

  1. Fear of losing friends and being termed unfashionable 

People who get addicted out of peer pressure usually find it challenging to seek the help necessary to recover from addiction because they are afraid that their friends will mock and make fun of them after they recover. 

What to Expect at the 2nd Chance Treatment Center

The facility has professionals who acknowledge that battling addiction can become an overwhelming task for patients. A person undergoes counseling to understand that they have a problem and only their efforts can help them recover. Then the specialists come up with an intervention that combines medication and therapy to help patients overcome addiction. If you are addicted to alcohol and opioids, make that call or book an appointment online and start a journey to recovery.

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