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A Mini Facelift and what it entails

Modern methods of improving your facial appearance have emerged, resulting in many people who could not access these services to get them. This has mainly been attributed to the quick rise and popularization of the cosmetic industry. More and more people are now getting these procedures done with increased regularity. A standard procedure among them is the cosmetic facelift. If you are considering getting a Scottsdale mini face lift, read the article further to learn more about the topic.

What is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is a specialized version of a facelift whereby the physician applies tiny incisions on areas surrounding the hairline to pull up the lower part of your face to eliminate sagging skin on the jawline and the neck.

It is a minimally invasive technique with fewer incisions than a complete facelift. You are recommended for this procedure if you have minimal excess skin to remove, thus requiring fewer incisions.

The surgery is aimed at alleviating aging signs that involve excess sagging skin. This results in getting rid of wrinkles and tightening your skin.

A mini facelift may accompany a brow lift or an eye lift to achieve the desired results. This is because facelifts concentrate on the lower parts of your face, i.e., your cheeks and jawline.

Mini Facelift Procedure

 Local or general anesthesia may be required by your surgeon. Tiny incisions are then made on sites around your hairline and ears. The tissues below are manipulated by pulling them up, lifting them, and getting rid of the excess tissue. After the surgery, sutures are used to finalize and close up the incisions made.

Unlike a complete facelift, a mini facelift utilizes smaller incisions above each ear or along your hairline. Your skin tissues are pulled upwards through your cheeks, enabling the fixing of sagging skin. The tiny scars are especially advantageous if your skin is sensitive and prone to scar easily.

There are some side effects to the procedure, although most are not cause for concern. This is because they usually go away after a few days. These side effects are bruising, swelling, and pain around the affected areas.

Preparation for a mini facelift involves avoiding jewelry and makeup when heading to the procedure. This prevents slowing down of the operation when getting rid of them.

Your doctor should also be made aware of all medications, supplements, or herbs you may be taking to avoid complications during the operation. You may also receive a list of medications like ibuprofen or aspirin to prevent taking before the procedure. All this is done to avoid excessive bleeding by the medicines.

Smoking tobacco should also be avoided for several weeks before performing the procedure. Considering even a mini facelift is significant surgery, You need to have someone available to take you home.

Recent cosmetic procedures are not trial and error as before. This led to stigma to these procedures as they backfire, leading to worse results than before. Visit our website or call our offices in Phoenix, AZ, to book a consultation.

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