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Any business’s location is its first consideration. The UAE gives your company a head start as a region that actively supports enterprises by offering extremely favourable legislation and infrastructure. With a UAQ Free Trade Zone Commercial licence, you can start your business with a lot of benefits and conduct business in just about every sector you can imagine.

A business licence is necessary for any company that makes purchases from or sells to the UAE. The bearer of this document is granted permission to import, export, store, or distribute the things listed on the licence.

A licence holder may list three unique product lines or ten identical ones in their application. You can apply for membership in the UAQ Chamber of Commerce as a licence holder in the UAQ Free Trade Zone to make import and export business easier. Other licence packages meet visa quota rules, including a no-visa package for people who don’t need a resident visa.

The advantages of obtaining a business licence in the UAE

A UAE business licence has several advantages, but the most salient ones are the lack of import, export, corporation, and personal income taxes and the absence of restrictions on capital repatriation. The advantages don’t, however, stop there. You can incorporate a business remotely and select the business licence package that best suits your practical needs, such as a flex desk, actual office, or warehouse.

There has never been a better time in the UAE to launch a business. After Covid-19 regulations were loosened and Dubai’s postponed 2020 World Expo, which was a huge success and finished in March 2022, there has been a surge in commercial interest, investment, and development in the region.

Documents required in the UAE to obtain a business licence

You must submit three suggested names for the business you want to start, listed in order of preference, to apply for your business licence. The names must be legal under UAE law and cannot have been previously used by another business or trader.

A colour copy of your passport, as well as the passports of the other identified stockholders, are also required. A recent utility statement with your name and address is acceptable as proof of residency, as is your most recent UAE entrance stamp or visa.

UAE is the best place to have a business. It requires a good business licence which can enhance your business.

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