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A Fundamental Understanding of Hydro Excavation

Less Risk of Knicking Underground Utilities

Using hydro excavation is a great way to discover where underground utilities are located. The method is safe, clean, and efficient and can reduce the risk of knicking underground utilities. It also allows you to find new lines of utility.

When planning to dig in an area, you should call 811 before digging to get a utility map of the site. This will help you avoid a potential underground utility strike, which can be a dangerous and expensive mistake.

An underground utility strike can damage your property or even cause death. It costs millions of dollars to repair these types of incidents every year.

To avoid the risk of a strike, a professional company can help you locate your underground utilities and keep them intact, like the underground utility locating services festus mo.


Hydro excavation is a safe and efficient technique to perform drainage repairs. This process uses pressurized water and vacuums to remove dirt and debris. It also locates faults and lines below the surface.

Despite the benefits of hydro excavation, there are a few risks that you should be aware of. These risks may cause serious injury, fires, and other forms of damage. Therefore, proper training and equipment are essential.

When performing a hydro excavation, you should always wear appropriate safety gear. Always have the equipment manuals at your disposal to ensure that you are not operating anything that could be dangerous.

Also, you should avoid working directly below overhead power lines. The water pressure can be too high, and this can damage pipes. You should also wear protective gear around your arm and neck.


Thanks to technological advancement, there is a newer and quicker way to dig. This technique is called hydro excavation. It uses a high-pressure stream of water to break up soil and remove waste.

Unlike other methods, this method is safe, gentle and non-destructive. In addition, it is a cheaper alternative to using heavy machinery. Moreover, it is a more accurate and environmentally friendly option.

One of the best aspects of hydro excavation is its ability to dig through the ground without causing damage to existing utility lines. This technique minimizes the need for further repairs and restoration by reducing the risk of damage to underground utilities.

Another benefit of using this technique is its speed. While other types of excavation may take weeks or months, hydro excavators can complete the task in a few days. The process is also quicker because it does not require heavy equipment.

More Precise

Hydro excavation is a safer and more precise digging method than traditional methods. It is also faster, less expensive and better for the environment.

The Hydro excavation process uses a pressurized water jet to break up the soil. The water travels through the excavation area and deposits the dirt in a holding tank.

Hydro excavation is a safe and effective way to dig holes, especially for small jobs. Unlike traditional digging methods, it avoids damage to underground utilities, such as buried sewer lines. This translates to a reduced risk of fires and leaks, along with a lower cost of repairs.

The wands used in the hydro excavation are specifically designed to move around tight spaces. They are also flexible and can maneuver in even the most challenging terrain.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro excavation is becoming a popular alternative to conventional digging methods. It is an environmentally friendly method, which reduces the environmental impact and makes the job quicker and safer.

This excavation can dig trenches, create holes, remove pressure and clean structures. A hydro excavation team has the experience and can put the best environmental practices in place.

Hydro excavation does not involve the use of heavy machinery or sensitive equipment. This minimizes the risk of damaging underground utilities. Hydro excavation eliminates the possibility of underground pipes leaking and harming the environment.

In addition to its low environmental impact, hydro excavation is less costly to carry out. Compared to traditional excavation, this process is also faster and more accurate.

One of the most significant users of hydro excavation is the utility sector. Utility workers regularly need to access underground facilities. Underground pipes can get clogged with sludge or debris. These problems can be expensive to repair.

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