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7 Good Reasons to Have a Credit Card


Benefits of Credit Card

Consider this: Your phone has given up on you and it’s the middle of the month. Phones are costly and this means that  you’ll need to wait a week or two for your salary to purchase a brand new phone. But, in today’s digital world, how can you survive without a phone? 

In the meanwhile maybe you could use a second-hand phone as a back up? But how long is that going to serve your needs? 

The solution? Visit your local store, make a selection, whip out your credit card and make the purchase while availing amazing discounts and offers. Problem solved!

Like this, there are several benefits to having a credit card. Oftentimes, young card owners seldom opt for a credit card due to the burden of paying outstanding bills each month. But the benefits of a credit card far outweigh its perceived risks and in fact allows us to become responsible spenders. 

At Innoviti, we don’t merely want our merchants to sell more and customers to buy more. Rather, our collaborations are driven by a genuine desire to create opportunities for both parties—merchants and consumers—to make informed decisions. Having onboarded several banks and brands, our terminals offer a sleuth of choicest deals, discounts and cashbacks. 

As data shows that consumers are three times more likely to use a credit card for ‘large transactions’, merchants can benefit greatly from making their businesses credit card friendly.  Rather than individual card swipe machines, the terminal of a payment solutions provider like Innoviti can help optimize the business to accept all credit cards. 

Innoviti has collaborated with leading Indian banks to give interest-free credit facilities to customers who use their terminals, making payments simple and encouraging businesses to embrace digital technology.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s briefly discusses 7 reasons why your next swipe should be with a credit card:

  1. Deferred Payment

Credit cards have a unique and interesting feature: You have an initial credit period during which you are not obligated to pay interest on the purchases you made for a predetermined amount of time.

2. Credit Card Cash backs

One of the most exciting perks of using a credit card is the surplus cashbacks that come with various kinds of purchases. By using a credit card on an Innvoiti PoS, one can avail the benefits of No cost EMI for any product on a purchase of 3k and above.

4. Increase Credit Score

Credit cards are more than mere payment instruments, they are effective ways of improving one’s credit score. Every bill payment made with a credit card is submitted to credit reporting agencies like CIBIL, which periodically updates and maintains people’s credit scores. Your CIBIL score should steadily increase if you maintain strong financial discipline in making on-time payments on your obligations.

3. Reward Points

The design of credit cards enables cardholders to accrue one or more points for every rupee spent. Many reward credit cards offer extra points for specific types of purchases, such as dining out, shopping, or gas. 

5. Seamless Borrowing

Credit cards provide a versatile method of borrowing, allowing you to select various monthly repayment amounts by your budget. Typically, banks charge 0% interest on transactions if payments are made by the due date.

6. Frequent Flyer Miles

Credit cards are especially preferred for travel as most airlines offer travel points to dedicated fliers that can be redeemed for unique benefits. If you travel frequently, you might want to think about getting a frequent traveler credit card. Your travel would be more comfortable and convenient, and you could even save more money. 

7. Emergency Money

The ability to use credit in an emergency is one of the best aspects of using a credit card. Any case where you run out of money to cover an emergency can happen, and that’s where a credit card can save the day.


The only way credit cards genuinely benefit you is if you utilize them responsibly and make your payments on time. When deciding which credit card to apply for, consider your alternatives carefully before making your decision.

Through Innoviti POS terminals, merchants can offer smooth credit card processing, ensuring that consumer payments are safe and secure.


Q1. How to Increase Credit Card Limit?

Ans. Call the toll-free number and follow the steps to begin the procedure; one of the prompts may be for seeking an increase in the credit limit.

Otherwise, select the option to contact customer support and request a higher credit limit.

Q2. What Is Minimum Due in Credit Cards?

Ans. The term “minimum payment due” primarily refers to the tiny portion of the total amount of unpaid bills that you are required by law to pay to the bank if you are unable to pay the full amount due.

Q3. How to Check Credit Card Balance?

Ans. Following are the ways to credit card balance:

  • Through Credit Card Statement

Your credit card company will produce a monthly statement each month after the end of your credit card billing cycle. You can see all the details about your credit card balance on your credit card statement.

  • Using Internet Banking

The balance of your credit card is typically displayed on the dashboard or in the “My Account” section of the mobile app.

  • Through Customer Service

Contact your credit card company’s customer service line. All card-related information can be obtained after PIN validation, either through the IVR or by chatting with a person.

  • By Going to an ATM

To find out the balance on your credit card, you can also go to the closest ATM. At the ATM, swipe your card and select the Card Balance option.


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