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5 Home Remedies for Back Pain

Do you have constant back pain? Back pain might impact all life aspects and become disabling when not treated. It is better to understand the cause of the pain to deal with it effectively. Dealing with the root cause helps you live a normal life. Therefore you should find an expert in lower back pain in Las Vegas who can help you navigate the pain. If the pain is mild, they may suggest some home remedies to alleviate it while monitoring your condition. Home remedies are suitable for managing different conditions, and you don’t always need drugs to manage pain. These pain relief home remedies might alleviate the back pain.

Get Enough Sleep

Chronic pain may cause insomnia, creating a vicious cycle of sleeplessness and chronic pain. Thus if you are taking pain medications, it may be wise to get adequate sleep to manage the back pain. You may try lying on the side with a pillow between the knees as it supports the spinal cord by creating a neutral position. Ensure the mattress supports the body and forms the natural body couture.

Maintain a Good Posture

Sitting down for a long time is possible when working in a fast-paced workstation; however, the action may damage the spinal cord. Thus, when working in a busy office space, you would keep the shoulders relaxed, sit upright and support the back with an ergonomic chair. If the chair is not ergonomic, you can put a towel between the back and the chair.

Physical Therapy

Most people don’t engage in exercise or fitness activities, but these activities may help alleviate back pain. If you cannot engage in the exercises alone, you can seek help from a physical therapist. The therapist will teach you how to stand, sit and move around to alleviate the back pain. The right exercises may increase your strength flexibility and reduce back pain.

Use Heat and Cold Therapy

Ice reduces inflammation from injuries, and you can apply it to the back to reduce pain. Inflammation contributes to the pain and swelling and makes it challenging to deal with chronic pain. Thus the ice reduces the pain symptoms, making it possible to deal with the underlying cause of the back pain. On the other hand, heat increases blood circulation to the back, relaxing the muscles. Increased blood circulation leads to the oxygenation of blood and nutrient supply to the injured areas; it also removes toxins that impact healing.

Massage the Injured Area

Massage is a hands-on therapy that stimulates the muscles and increases blood circulation. The massage may alleviate the pain and improve function for people with chronic back pain. However, you should look for a licensed specialist for hands-on therapy to avoid injuring the spine during the treatment.

Chronic back pain reduces the ability to complete everyday activities, and you should see a doctor for the appropriate treatment. However, the pain doctor may diagnose the pain and recommend certain home remedies to alleviate the pain. For instance, adequate sleep alleviates the pain; you should also use heat and cold therapy, physical therapy, massage, and maintain a good posture. Good luck learning how to deal with chronic back pain.

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