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4 Ways to Improve Pregnancy Ultrasound

During pregnancy, various measures are applied to increase the chances of successful deliveries. To know the best action to take, it would be critical to know the development of the fetus and the mother’s reproductive organs. Besides, the doctor should look for any problem which could threaten the safe delivery.   Due to the following, most pregnant women have been using pregnancy ultrasound. The ultrasound sends sound waves, thereby creating a picture of the body’s development in the womb. The following reduces instances of miscarriages. This has been the main reason for pregnancy ultrasound in Newport Beach. The pregnancy scan is not usually 100 percent. There are different factors such as dehydration, Body Mass Index (BMI), baby’s position, and baby’s activity level that affect the scan’s clarity. It would be advisable to look at the following factors to boost the clarity of the scan. The following are the four ways you can improve pregnancy ultrasounds.

Drink a lot of water

You should understand that your amniotic fluid will be cloudy by being dehydrated, lowering the clarity of the images at the ultrasound. Therefore, you should take at least 2 liters of water daily during your pregnancy since it helps get crystal clear scan images. However, the process seems hard since the tummy is crowded. Besides, an increase in water will also increase bathroom trips. Nevertheless, having a full bladder helps in the scanning. The full bladder will move the uterus up and the bowel down, boosting the clarity of the images.

Eat Before the Scan

Some food makes the baby active during the scan. For instance, the food that helps raise blood sugar levels can help the baby have a sugar rush. The following makes the baby to be energized, thereby making many movements. Nevertheless, you should understand that blood sugar can rise even after taking snacks. Therefore, it is not a must to take junk food if you are not willing. Therefore, it would help if you ate a healthy snack a few moments before going for an ultra-scan.

Understand baby routine

Similar to born babies, unborn babies also have a routine. For instance, some are active during the day and still in the evening. After understanding the pattern, you should consider scanning when the baby is active. Besides, other babies are most active when you are relaxing. In most instances it is because movements cause the baby to sleep. If your baby follows the following routine, you should reduce movements before taking a scan.  


When you have relaxed, you are usually in the best moment to bond with the unborn child. The following usually helps to have the best images and videos. When you visit the facility, you should relax and try bonding with the baby. Consequently, you should remain calm and let the specialists carry out their tasks while focusing on the baby.

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