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Top 6 Crucial Care Tips when Using Dentures

Dentures offer one of the effective ways you can replace multiple missing teeth. Cosmetic & family dentistry in Novi, MI, evaluates your needs to rule out other forms of treatments and ensure dentures are most suitable for you. One thing that remains even after replacing all of your teeth is a care routine. You have to clean the dentures like your natural teeth to extend their lifespan. Although they are certainly strong, dentures are also susceptible to damage. Here are some denture care tips to guide you.

Avoid Hot Water

When cleaning dentures, it is crucial to avoid exposing them to hot water. Use warm water at room temperature and test before cleaning your dentures. Understand that extremely high temperatures will cause your dentures to warp, misshapen, or spur the necessity for replacement. Therefore, always remember that warmth is the way.

Moisten Your Dentures

It is essential to keep your dentures moist. Otherwise, the denture could dry out and lose its shape, meaning you will need a replacement. Since you have to remove the dentures every night, it is a good idea to invest in a denture cleanser or water so you can soak the dentures every night. Ensure you consult your doctor about this part during your appointment to understand better and maintain your devices.

Mind the Seal

When putting on the dentures, please ensure you create a firm seal between the device and your gums, to avoid small bits of food particles sticking in the gaps, which leads to bad breath. You will achieve this by using the right adhesive to connect the device to your gums. Understand that dentures may affect your mouth’s ability to produce saliva, which maintains a nice and fresh breath. But selecting the right adhesive will boost your saliva’s natural cleansing ability.

Go for Regular Check-Ups

Your dentist visits should not stop after getting dentures. It does not solve all of your problems, and you ought to maintain regular checkups. Your dentist will evaluate your devices and ensure they remain in the best shape. They will examine the dentures and your oral tissues to check for any risks for gum disease. Your provider will also assess your care routine and how you apply your devices to ensure you are on the right track. Your provider will also utilize your visits to check for other oral health complications like signs of oral cancer to take action in advance.

Use a Soft Brush

Once you get your dentures, consider investing in a soft brush in addition to your normal toothbrushes. Understand that the devices are sensitive like your natural teeth, and using a brush with hard bristles may complicate your treatment. Instead, opt for a soft brush and clean your devices gently to eliminate food particles, bacteria, and other gunk.

Rinse After Eating

This is a common oral health care routine that should be advanced when using dentures. Remember to rinse your mouth with warm water every time you consume food to eliminate particles resulting in bad smells or decomposition. Ensure you use enough water that can move over your dentures and clear off all the bits of food.

Dentures are a good option to replace your teeth but they come at a cost. The devices will serve you a lifetime with proper care and regular visits to your dentist. You can reach out to Novi Family Dentistry to evaluate if you can benefit from dentures or get assessed on your current dentures. No matter the cause of your tooth loss, you can smile again. 

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