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Pros And Cons of White Quartz Countertops

When it comes to choosing quartz for your countertop needs, you have plenty of choices. Quartz is available in a variety of colors, so you are bound to find something you like. While quartz is not a popular choice, it has a certain appeal among the public. Every year, hundreds of families in the US get white quartz countertops. 

If you are considering white quartz for your countertops, you may want to consider all the benefits and the drawbacks to make an informed choice. While comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet remains consistent with its quality regardless of the color you choose, it is important to understand what might be missing. 


  • Durability. 

White quartz is highly durable. It is said that quartz remains the same for a lifetime. However, key maintenance is important. Quartz is expected to last for more than 50 years. It does not easily break or get destroyed. Quartz can withstand daily wear and tear as well as heavyweights. 

  • Low maintenance. 

Quartz is low maintenance as it does not require anything more than dish soap water, a bowl of warm water, and a microfibre cloth. Scrubbing after a messy cooking session won’t be a problem since you will be able to scrub anything right off with little effort. 

  • Pure and clean. 

Indeed, white gives off a clean look. White has been the color of royals and has a certain prestige elegance to it. If you want a simple yet luxurious feel in your house, quartz countertops are the way to go. 


  • High cost. 

Quartz is not a cheap material at all. The material can be costly, depending on the quality and color. Moreover, the installation process may require thousands of dollars in labor costs alone. However, it is still cheaper than other alternatives, including wood and laminate. 

  • Easy to look at and get dirty. 

White quartz countertops only look clean and prestigious when they are completely rent and dust-free on the surface. It does not take a lot of time or effort to clean spills, but until you clean that drop of melted chocolate from there, it is going to remain noticeable. Some people may use this as an advantage as it serves as a reminder to clean the countertops. 

  • Some people might think it “boring.”

While you should not care about what other people think, this is important if you plan on selling your home in the future. Many people consider white as bland and boring and prefer something more dramatic. However, you might also get customers who like the minimalist feel of white.

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