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Life Hacks for Braces and Invisalign

Braces and Invisalign treatment is easy, pleasant, and nearly undetectable. One of the most significant advantages of them is that they do not influence your daily activities. However, there are still actions you must do to get the most out of your treatment while keeping your smile healthy. A Morrisville orthodontist can explain all you need to know to get through your smile journey with ease, so schedule a consultation today! 

Here are some ideas and methods to make your teeth straightening experience as joyful as possible. 

Avoiding certain foods 

The first guideline for wearing braces is to avoid specific types of foods. These meals, while tasty, might create needless problems or even harm to your braces.

These sorts of foods include:

  • Candy, including gum, licorice, and chocolate
  • Snacks including popcorn, pretzels, and chips
  • Alternatives include apples, thick bread, meat, nuts, and corn.

Apples are included on this list because they leave skin and particles behind. These two items are tough to get out of your teeth, even without braces. The same is true for popcorn and corn. The outer shell or kernels can easily become lodged in your teeth. 

Keeping your braces clean is essential, so avoid foods that make the procedure more difficult. Furthermore, consuming things that require chewing, like hard rolls and gum, might cause harm to your braces. This may cause your braces’ wires to become loose or a bracket to break off.

If this happens, your orthodontist can fix them for you. You should never try to fix the braces on your own. You may accidentally cause further damage or entirely shatter the bracing. Leave it to the specialists instead. 

Make sure it stays clean. 

After eating pasta and a smoothie, make sure to go right to the sink to complete your oral hygiene! Keeping your teeth clean is extremely important at all times, especially during orthodontic treatment. Failure to maintain your teeth’s cleanliness and health might result in more time in braces, which no one wants. 

You should clean and floss your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. Some firms manufacture toothbrushes and flossers built specifically for braces, making your job much easier. A water flosser, like the Waterpik, is also a great way to keep your mouth clean and free of irritations. 

Managing the pain 

Getting braces for the first time might be uncomfortable. The initial week or so may be painful owing to the discomfort and soreness induced by the braces. This is a common complaint among wearers. However, any discomfort is generally resolved within a few days. 

Using ice packs or eating cold meals might help to relieve discomfort rapidly. The irritation and pain are primarily caused by one of the wires pushing on your gums. Dental wax might be a quick solution to this problem. It is also recommended to avoid acidic liquids, such as coffee and juice. The acidic composition might exacerbate the discomfort. To minimize excessive pain, limit your consumption and inquire about alternatives to sugary juices. 

If the discomfort gets too hard to manage, make sure to consult your orthodontist immediately. 

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